Shan Re and Romicon Revola: Celebrating Nature’s Floral Essence

Floral Symphony: A Celebration of Nature’s Canvas by Shan Re and Romicon Revola

From the Nocturnal Bloom series by Shan Re | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Floral Symphony, an exhibition showcasing the works of Shan Re and her daughter, Romicon Revola, is currently on display at Gallery G in Bengaluru. Both artists explore the theme of flowers in their respective works, emphasizing the significance of nature’s beauty and its role in our ecosystem.

Nocturnal Blooms: A Multifaceted Interpretation

Artist Shan Re explains that her series, titled Nocturnal Blooms, is intentionally left open to interpretation. The title itself allows for a diverse range of meanings that enhance audience engagement. According to Shan, the series can be seen as a metaphor for personal growth, a symbolic representation of flowers blooming in the face of ecological crises, or even as a symbol of resilience and timelessness. With multiple perspectives, Nocturnal Blooms invites viewers to delve into the intricate layers of meaning behind each artwork.

Pushing Boundaries with Fingertip Artistry

Artist Shan Re took an unconventional approach in creating the 50 canvases for the Nocturnal Bloom series. Rather than using traditional tools such as paint brushes or palette knives, she utilized her fingers. This technique was an accidental invention but proved to be a liberating and deeply enriching experience for Shan. By breaking free from convention and embracing her artistic intuition without inhibition, Shan felt a stronger connection to her inner self. The energy and spontaneity of using her fingertips allowed for a more authentic and free-flowing expression of her creativity. All the artworks in the series were executed this year using acrylic on canvas and vary in size.

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A Symphony of Colors and Narratives

For Shan Re, inspiration stems from the symphony of life that surrounds her. Creativity is her driving force, and color serves as a vital language through which she creates powerful narratives. Each artwork in the Nocturnal Bloom series is a testament to Shan’s ability to capture the essence and vibrancy of nature through her brushstrokes. The use of acrylic on canvas allows for a bold and vivid representation of the floral theme, enhancing the overall visual impact of the exhibition.

Artist Shan Re | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Romicon Revola: Earth Deities and Environmental Consciousness

Sculptor Romicon Revola, daughter of Shan Re, also showcases her artistic prowess in the Floral Symphony exhibition. While Romicon primarily works with outdoor sculptures and large-scale installations, she presents smaller pieces from her series titled Trilokini and Maya. These artworks focus on environmental consciousness and can be seen as Romicon’s own interpretations of earth deities.

One of Romicon’s notable works is Trilokini, a female bust with butterflies emerging from it. While open to interpretation, Romicon perceives it as a personification of the Earth. Each Trilokini character in the ongoing series possesses distinct characteristics, despite their similar shapes and forms. This ongoing series began in 2018 and continues to evolve, allowing Romicon to explore and express her environmental concerns and perspectives through her artworks.

The Trilokini series by Romicon Revola | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The Power of Butterflies: Symbolism and Sustainability

Romicon Revola’s fascination with butterflies is a recurring motif in her artistic vocabulary. The catalyst for this interest was an art program at Cubbon Park, where fallen tree trunks were given to artists to create meaningful sculptures. On India’s 70th Independence Day, Romicon sculpted a caterpillar from a silver oak trunk, adorned with 70 steel butterflies emerging from it. This marked the first usage of the butterfly form in her body of work.

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The butterfly symbol holds various spiritual, philosophical, and environmental meanings for Romicon. Not only do butterflies serve as bio-indicators of environmental health, but they also represent sensitivity and sustainability. Romicon’s exploration of the butterfly motif showcases her dedication to raising awareness about environmental issues through her art.

Celebrating Nature’s Canvas at Gallery G

Floral Symphony: A Celebration of Nature’s Canvas by Shan Re and Romicon Revola is a visually captivating exhibition currently on display at Gallery G in Bengaluru. The collection of artworks from the Nocturnal Bloom series by Shan Re and the Trilokini series by Romicon Revola invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of flowers and unravel the deeper meanings behind each piece. The exhibition runs until September 30, offering a unique and immersive experience in the world of floral artistry.

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