Sonam Kapoor Confirms Role for ‘Battle for Bittora’ in 2022

Actress Sonam Kapoor has confirmed that she will begin working on the film adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s novel “Battle for Bittora” in 2024. The rights to the book were purchased by Sonam’s sister, Rhea Kapoor, and the film will be produced by their banner, Anil Kapoor Films Company.

Sonam Kapoor’s Next Project: “Battle for Bittora”

In 2024, Sonam Kapoor will embark on her next feature film, a highly anticipated adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s popular novel “Battle for Bittora.” The book was published in 2010 and follows the story of a talented animation expert who unexpectedly finds herself running for elections in Bittora against an ex-royal.

Speaking at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival’s market initiative ‘Word to Screen,’ Sonam expressed her excitement about the project. She believes that while the character of “Battle for Bittora” is beloved among her generation, younger audiences may not be as familiar with the story. Sonam sees this as an advantage and an opportunity to introduce the character to a new generation of viewers.

Securing the Cast and Crew

The film initially cast Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, who had previously worked with Sonam in the 2014 hit “Khoobsurat.” However, due to the controversy surrounding Fawad’s nationality, he had to withdraw from the project. Sonam revealed that the team is currently searching for a new male lead and director to bring the story to life.

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Despite missing Fawad’s presence, Sonam remains optimistic and confident in finding an equally talented actor and director. She believes that the final cast and crew will contribute their unique charm and beauty to the film, just as Fawad did in “Khoobsurat.”

A Collaborative Effort

This upcoming film marks the second collaboration between Sonam Kapoor and author Anuja Chauhan. In 2019, Sonam starred in the adaptation of Chauhan’s novel “The Zoya Factor,” directed by Abhishek Sharma and featuring Dulquer Salmaan alongside Sonam.

With the success of their previous collaboration, both Sonam and Chauhan are enthusiastic about their reunion for “Battle for Bittora.” The combination of Chauhan’s engaging storytelling and Sonam’s on-screen charisma is expected to create magic once again.

Maintaining Excitement and the Journey Ahead

As the project moves forward, the excitement surrounding “Battle for Bittora” continues to build. Fans eagerly await the announcement of the male lead and director who will be joining Sonam and the project. The film promises to capture the essence of Chauhan’s novel and engage audiences with a compelling and entertaining storyline.

As Sonam Kapoor prepares to dive into her next big project, she remains grateful for the support of her family and fans. With Rhea Kapoor taking on the role of producer and the guidance of Anil Kapoor Films Company, “Battle for Bittora” is set to be a grand cinematic endeavor.

In Conclusion

Sonam Kapoor’s forthcoming film, “Battle for Bittora,” is poised to captivate audiences with its engaging storyline and talented cast. With Sonam’s passion and dedication, along with the creative vision of the director and the support of the entire team, “Battle for Bittora” promises to be a memorable cinematic experience.

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