The Impact of December Season on Alarmel Valli: Grooming and Growth

Growing up, the Margazhi Music and Dance Season held a special place in my heart, as it was a time filled with excitement and anticipation. Attending concerts at the Season was a mandatory activity for children in my extended family. Every afternoon, we would dress up in our finest attire and head out to the sabha to immerse ourselves in the world of music and dance. Even today, the mere scent of mallipoo takes me back to those cherished days. The Season was a time of luxury for me, as I had the opportunity to attend multiple performances in a day, indulging in the visual and auditory delights of music and dance.

As a young teenager, I had the privilege of witnessing some of the greatest musicians and dancers of our time. The experience of watching T. Balasaraswati dance at the Music Academy left a lasting impression on me, shaping my awareness of dance as visual poetry and visual music. Similarly, the dynamism of Yamini Krishnamurthy’s dance and the grace of Kamala Lakshman, as well as the captivating concerts of legendary musicians, left an indelible mark on me. While I may not have been able to express it then, I believe that my exposure to their art helped me absorb aesthetic and artistic values and principles, honing my ability to distinguish between the genuine and the superficial.

The December Seasons held a special significance in the days before smartphones and YouTube. Live performances were treasured moments, experienced in the present and held in the heart and memory. However, in today’s digital age, the abundance of performance choices available on platforms like YouTube can overwhelm young artistes who are still finding their own voices. With the instantaneous access to artistes and the ability to repeatedly play and fast-forward performances at whim, there is a risk of becoming jaded. The Season, which once lasted only a fortnight or three weeks, has now expanded exponentially, featuring thousands of performances and artistes from around the world.

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For performing artistes, the Season is both a source of inspiration and a challenge. It is a time of exhilaration and exhaustion, as they strive to share their art with audiences. Personally, the Season has been a crucial springboard in my career, thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement from visionary sabha secretaries. The Chennai Margazhi Vizha continues to be a bridge between our city and the rest of the world, forging lasting connections between cultures and people.

In conclusion, the Margazhi Music and Dance Season holds a special place in my heart, as it has been a time of transformation, inspiration, and growth. Despite the changes brought about by technology and the evolving nature of the Season, the magic of music and dance continues to endure, touching the hearts of all who love and appreciate these art forms.

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