Upadhyaksha Movie Review: Adhyaksha Rehash with Chikkanna’s Comedy

Upadhyaksha Movie Review. Laugh your heart out with Chikkanna and Malaika Vasupal in ‘Upadhyaksha’. Read our review on the Kannada comedy and see if it’s worth watching!

Chikkanna and Malaika Vasupal in ‘Upadhyaksha’

The 2014 release of Adhyaksha, a remake of the Tamil rural comedy drama Varthapadatha Valibar Sangam, impressed audiences. The Kannada adaptation, featuring the Sharan-Chikkanna combination, also delivered laughs, though it did not quite reach the same level as the original. Now, a decade later, Upadhyaksha seeks to replicate the success of Adhyaksha and serve as a platform for seasoned comedian Chikkanna to transition into a leading role. Sharan’s transformation from comedian to hero in Adhyaksha was well received, largely due to the on-screen chemistry with Chikkanna, who is now left to carry the weight of Upadhyaksha without the support of another comedian.

Plot Summary

The story is set in Gejjepura, a village where Narayana (Chikkanna), known as Upadhyaksha or vice president, is in charge of the Chi. Thu Association. Adhyaksha (Sharan), the president, has eloped and married the daughter of Shivarudregowda (Ravi Shankar), the village leader. The two men are continually at odds, striving to outdo each other in the village. Predictably, Upadhyaksha falls in love with Shivarudregowda’s youngest daughter (Malaika Vasupal) and elopes with her.

Film Review and Critique

Unfortunately, Upadhyaksha falls short as it relies heavily on slapstick humor and director Anil Kumar’s writing does not rise above low-hanging fruit and sexual innuendos. The situational humor lacks depth, and the typical loud and cringe-worthy comedy by Sadhu Kokila continues to dominate Kannada films. The director’s attempt to generate humor through dated gimmicks, such as parody scenes from blockbusters like KGF, Pushpa, and Baahubali, fails to make a significant impact. However, if the film’s goal is to test Chikkanna’s potential as a mainstream film hero, his dancing skills are commendable, even though the script does not fully showcase his range as a performer. While Chikkanna excels in comedy, his ability to carry a film as a hero is left largely untested by the uninventive script.

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Chikkanna’s Performance and Potential

Chikkanna’s role in Upadhyaksha is largely limited to his comfort zone of comedy. While he does a convincing job, the film lacks well-written situations that would allow the actor to explore his full range as a performer. Nevertheless, Chikkanna’s comedic talents shine through, suggesting that he has the potential to excel as a leading actor with a more challenging and original script.


Upadhyaksha is an unapologetic old-school rural comedy drama. For those who enjoyed the humor of Adhyaksha and appreciate Chikkanna’s comedic style, Upadhyaksha is worth a watch. However, if you are seeking a more nuanced and original comedy, this film may fall short of expectations.

Ultimately, Upadhyaksha is currently playing in theaters, offering audiences a dose of classic rural comedy entertainment.