Warangal artist sculpts Lord Nataraja in a needle’s eye

Renowned Micro Sculptor Mattewada Ajay Kumar Unveils Miniature Creation of Lord Nataraja

Warangal-based international micro sculptor Mattewada Ajay Kumar has astounded the art world with his latest masterpiece—a miniature sculpture of Lord Nataraja meticulously crafted inside the eye of a needle. The sculpture, measuring a mere 700 microns in height and 550 microns in width, stands as a testament to Kumar’s exceptional talent and precision.

The intricately detailed work will be featured at the upcoming 10th World Art Dubai-2024 exhibition, scheduled to take place at the World Trade Center in Dubai from May 2 to 5. Alongside this remarkable creation, Kumar will also display a collection of his other miniature sculptures.

Utilizing materials such as plastic powder, nylon pieces, self-made soft wax, caterpillar hair for coloring, and even 24-carat gold, Kumar has brought this miniature wonder to life.

Microscopic Marvel: Delicate Details and Dedication

Visible only through a microscope, the sculpture showcases intricate elements like the ornate jatajutam (hair) of Nataraja Swamy and a 90-micron sculpture of Apasmara (dwarf) positioned beneath the deity’s feet. Kumar shared that creating this miniature marvel demanded immense dedication, with him dedicating 145 hours over three months to its completion.

A Tribute to Artistry: Honoring Lord Nataraja Through Dance

Kumar dedicates this exceptional work to dance artists worldwide, paying homage to the artistic spirit and cultural significance embodied by Lord Nataraja. His previous achievements have garnered international and national recognition, earning him accolades from esteemed figures, including prime ministers, chief ministers, and dignitaries in India and abroad.

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Experience the awe-inspiring craftsmanship of micro sculptor Mattewada Ajay Kumar at the 10th World Art Dubai-2024 exhibition, where this miniature marvel will undoubtedly captivate art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

For more details on Kumar’s intricate creations and upcoming exhibitions, visit the official website.