100 Bells & a Bike

Vijay Malhotra, known as “The Bell Man,” has captivated the streets of Mumbai with his unique 101 bells cycle, spreading joy and promoting road safety. His creative journey began after a trip to the Netherlands, where he drew inspiration from the Flower Bike Man in Amsterdam. Determined to bring the same vibrant energy to his hometown, Vijay embarked on a mission to adorn his bicycle with intricately designed bells.

Transforming Cycling into Art

Upon his return to Mumbai, Vijay sourced 100 bells from Ludhiana and enlisted the help of artist Chanchal Joshi to customize each bell with decoupage art. His goal was not only to create visually distinct and eye-catching bells but also to ensure their durability in various weather conditions. With the assistance of a trusted bicycle mechanic, Faisal Thakur, Vijay meticulously installed the 101 bells on his bicycle, unveiling his masterpiece on May 2.

Riding for a Cause

The public response to Vijay’s bell-adorned bicycle was overwhelming, fueling his dream to ride across the country to raise awareness about road safety and cyclist visibility. Through his YouTube channel, “Pedal and Tring Tring,” Vijay continues to advocate for safe cycling practices. His dedication to promoting cycling for all earned him the prestigious 2023 World Bicycle Day Award from the United Nations for excellence in cyclist advocacy.

A Symbol of Safety and Joy

Vijay’s 101 bells cycle serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of prioritizing cyclist safety on the roads. His mission to spread joy and positivity through his uniquely adorned bicycle has captured the hearts of many, earning him the affectionate title of “The Bell Man” among onlookers in Mumbai. With plans to expand his advocacy to other cities, Vijay’s message of road safety resonates far and wide.

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For more information on Vijay Malhotra and his cycling advocacy, visit his YouTube channel.

Akansha Sharma