Earthing at Banyan Tree Veya

Conscious grounding is a term used in therapy to describe any practices that help regulate intense emotions. For example, the 5-4-3-2-1 technique helps to re-center through sensory awareness, and soothing breathwork focuses on inhales and exhales. At Banyan Tree Veya Phuket, I learned firsthand that the concept of grounding isn’t just a metaphor—literally connecting with the Earth can have its own benefits.

Rajesh Thazhe Thatathil, a Master of Yoga from the International Sivannda Yoga Vedenta Centre in India, and Tracy Latz, MD, an integrative psychiatrist, provided expert insight on this technique. I participated in a “conscious grounding” activity at the resort, which involved walking barefoot in a grassy field with the guidance of an expert.

This simple practice not only improved balance and posture by having us walk on an uneven surface but also heightened our other senses. With eyes closed, we were forced to tune into our surroundings, making it a more mindful and aware walking experience.

What I didn’t realize is that beyond the grounding and mindfulness effects, connecting physically with the Earth has physiological results. Direct contact with the Earth is thought to help neutralize our body’s electrical charge, which can affect inflammation, mood, stress levels, and even sleep quality.

While more research is needed, the potential benefits of earthing are clear. Dr. Latz explains that we have evolved to the point of disconnecting from the Earth, and earthing can help restore our natural electrical balance. Even if the mechanism isn’t yet fully understood, anyone can reap the benefits of earthing by simply walking barefoot on a damp surface in a natural, outdoor setting.

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The “conscious grounding” activity at Banyan Tree Veya is a microcosm of the resort’s focus on simple, actionable approaches to well-being that can be practiced at home. This includes earthing, which is something that can be easily woven into everyday life, whether in a lush resort like Banyan Tree Veya or in your own neighborhood park.

The bottom line—I felt the calming and grounding effects of this practice, and it’s an experience I still carry with me months later. Whether you’re walking on grass, sand, or any other natural surface, reconnecting with the Earth is truly restorative.

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