From Couch Potato to Mountaineer: Rohit Rao’s Journey to Making His Father Proud

Rohit Rao’s Unforgettable Journey to Conquer Dzo Jongo Peak

Rohit Rao, amidst the thinning air at an altitude of 6,000 meters, embarks on a treacherous mission to summit the challenging Dzo Jongo peak, standing proudly at 6,240 meters above sea level. Despite the darkness and uncertainty of time, Rohit’s determination drives him forward, leaving the base camp at 9:30 pm and facing an arduous near-vertical climb at 6,150 meters. With each step, he overcomes fear and fatigue, fueled by the desire to honor his late father, Srinivas Rao Madasu, a renowned para-athlete.

A Tribute to a Remarkable Father

Rohit, holding a portrait of his father, Srinivas Rao Madasu, at the pinnacle of Dzo Jongo, reminisces about the incredible journey he embarked on three months ago. Srinivas Rao’s achievements in various para-sports disciplines, including badminton, shooting, table tennis, fencing, and weightlifting, earned him recognition at international events like the Paralympics, world championships, and Asian meets. He was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award and even clinched gold medals in the para world championships.

A Lazy Son’s Transformation

Reflecting on his childhood, Rohit confesses to a lethargic and unmotivated disposition, reluctant to follow in his father’s footsteps. While his parents encouraged him to pursue sports, Rohit’s passion for the mountains overshadowed any interest in traditional athletics. He would often threaten his parents, proclaiming his desire to escape to the Himalayas. Years later, these whimsical ultimatums resurfaced as he discovered his fascination for mountaineering. Despite his lack of achievements compared to his accomplished father, Rohit yearned to make his mark and become a source of pride for his late father.

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The Beginnings of an Adventurous Spirit

In December 2018, Rohit’s journey into mountaineering commenced with his first-ever trek to Kedarkantha, a towering peak of 4,115 meters in Uttarakhand. Filled with doubts about his abilities, Rohit conquered the summit, experiencing an indescribable sense of exhilaration, pride, and newfound confidence. His triumph on Kedarkantha ignited a spark within him, compelling him to pursue even greater heights.

Conquering New Peaks

Rohit’s thirst for adventure led him to tackle several challenging peaks, including the Pangarchulla (approx. 4,500 meters) and Stok Kangri (6,153 meters) treks in 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily halted his expeditions in 2020. Undeterred, Rohit continued his mountain conquest in December, scaling the Dayara Bugyal peak, standing at an impressive 3,639 meters. In the beginning of 2021, he embarked on the Brahmatal trek, reaching altitudes of 3,734 meters, in preparation for his ultimate quest – scaling Mount Everest.

Mount Everest – A Legendary Ascent

Driven by an unwavering determination, Rohit is now setting his sights on the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Aware of the immense challenge that lies ahead, he understands the necessity of gradual acclimatization to the extreme altitudes. In his quest for Everest, Rohit diligently trains through running and cycling, building the physical and mental strength required to conquer this monumental feat. He also actively seeks financial support to aid his ambitious pursuit, leaving no stone unturned in his relentless pursuit of success.

With his heart set on standing atop Mount Everest and an unwavering dedication to his dreams, Rohit Rao is an inspiration to all, proving that even the most unlikely of individuals can find their purpose and achieve greatness through sheer determination and a burning passion.

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