Madhuri Palli: Andhra Pradesh’s First Female Comrades Marathon Finisher


Madhuri Palli: The First Female Runner from Visakhapatnam to Conquer the Comrades Marathon


Madhuri Palli, a radiologist and founder of Vizag Runners Society, achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first female runner from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, to complete the grueling Comrades Marathon in South Africa. The 46-year-old runner completed the 89.885-kilometre race between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in 10 hours, 25 minutes, and 57 seconds, well ahead of the 12-hour cut-off time.

The Electrifying Atmosphere of the Race

During the marathon, Madhuri experienced an electrifying atmosphere, with people of all age groups cheering and motivating the runners along the route. The energy from the crowd kept her going, and she was able to run with a clear mind, free from the pressure of a set goal. In the last few hundred meters, she found the strength to sprint, which brought her a great sense of achievement.

Training and Preparation

Madhuri’s training for the Comrades Marathon began in January, under the guidance of her coach, Ashok Nath. With a customized training plan designed to address her proneness to injury, Madhuri ran six days a week, twice a day, for about an hour and a half. This included three days of challenging runs to increase her distance and speed. Along with her training, Madhuri prioritized her nutrition and sleep, highlighting the importance of holistic preparation for such a demanding race.

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Overcoming Challenges

Having attempted her first full marathon in 2016 and enduring a painful knee injury, Madhuri’s journey to the Comrades Marathon was not without challenges. However, through her perseverance and dedication to the sport, she not only overcame her own setbacks but also went on to become a mentor for other runners, especially women, through the Vizag Runners Society.

The Ultimate Test of Endurance

Completing the Comrades Marathon was more than just a physical accomplishment for Madhuri. It was an ultimate test of endurance and mental fortitude. The race is known for its demanding course and rigorous competition, making Madhuri’s achievement even more remarkable.

Continuing to Inspire

As Madhuri continues to rebuild her strength after the challenging race, she remains committed to inspiring and mentoring other runners, especially women, to take up the sport. She emphasizes the discipline and resilience that running has instilled in her, helping her overcome challenging and stressful situations in life.

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