Meeting New Year’s Goals: Insights from W+G Staffers

Well+Good Staffers Share Their 2024 Wellness Goals and Must-Have Products

As we approach the start of a new year, many of us are looking to set intentional, thoughtful, and sustainable wellness goals rather than embarking on total overhauls or wildly unrealistic resolutions. Well+Good is no exception, and as we enter the metaphorical blank-slate of January, we’re excited to share the strategic support and products that will help us achieve our aims in 2024. From expanding our love of the outdoors to upgrading our cleaning game, here are the wellness goals and must-have products that seven Well+Good staffers are tapping into for the new year.

1. Betty Gold, Senior Food Editor: Expanding My Love of the Outdoors
For Betty Gold, embracing the great outdoors and bringing that energy inside is a top priority for 2024. She’s committed to becoming a bigger and better indoor plant parent, and to help her achieve this, she’s getting a Bird’s Nest fern, Calathea Peacock plant, and Neanthe Bella palm to bring the outdoors inside her cozy work-from-home nook.

2. Madison Bolatto, Digital Designer: Working Out from Home
Efficiency is key for Madison, who wants to spend as little time in the gym as possible. That’s why she’s turning to kettlebells in 2024. Kettlebell exercises activate muscles from head to toe, making them an obvious choice for optimal efficiency. Madison is excited that she can do almost any kettlebell exercise from a yoga mat at home, and she loves that kettlebells come in a wide array of colors.

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3. Eva Rohan, Senior Director, Content + Strategy: Staying on Top of Schedules
Eva is determined not to be caught off guard by last-minute scrambles and is using a daily planner to keep herself accountable for the week’s odds and ends. With her busy schedule, including preschool activities for her four-year-old and her own therapy appointments, Eva knows that staying organized is key to reducing overwhelm.

4. Amelia McBride, Editorial Assistant: Upgrading the Cleaning Game
Amelia and her boyfriend, who both work from home and have ADHD, recognize the importance of a clean space for their productivity. To make cleaning easier, they’ve decided to swap their old vacuum for the Dyson V8. This cordless and rechargeable vacuum is equipped with detangling technology, making it perfect for cleaning up couch crumbs and rogue dust bunnies.

5. Erin Flynn, Senior Branded Editor: Getting Steps In
Working from home in Buffalo, New York, Erin knows that getting daily steps in can be a challenge, especially during the winter. To overcome this, she’s investing in a foldable, apartment-friendly treadmill that will allow her to go on podcast-fueled walks without having to brave the cold temperatures outside.

6. Meredith Babb, Branded Video Producer + Strategist: Resting and Recovering
Meredith is focusing on more balance in her wellness goals for 2024, including building in time for rest and recovery. She’s getting a massager with hot and cold settings to soothe her muscles after hot yoga classes or to warm her up after long walks around the city with her very active dog.

7. Maeve McCormick, Assistant Branded Editor: Sleeping Better (and Longer)
Maeve is making sleep a priority in 2024 and is enforcing a weekday sleep schedule to ensure she gets the full eight hours of rest her body needs. She’s also upgrading her bed with ultra-soft, cloud-like cotton sheets to help her sleep better.

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All these products are available on QVC, making it easy for the Well+Good team to access the items they need to achieve their wellness goals. As we enter 2024, we’re excited to see these little changes add up and help us create sustainable magic.

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