Amit Shah Wishes People on Hyderabad Liberation Day, Marking 75 Years without Government Celebration

Amit Shah Celebrates Hyderabad Liberation Day

Union Home Minister Amit Shah commemorated the historic ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day’ during a function in the city on September 17. This day marks the anniversary of the annexation of the Hyderabad state into the Union of India in 1948. In his address, Shah criticized previous governments for not celebrating this significant day in the past 75 years.

In his speech, Shah emphasized the importance of remembering and acknowledging the country’s history. He stated that those who neglect or avoid acknowledging historical events will face the disapproval of the people. He also expressed his disappointment that parties in the state hesitated to celebrate the ‘Liberation Day’ due to appeasement policies.

India’s Economic Growth and Hyderabad Liberation Day

Shah took the opportunity to highlight India’s economic achievements under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He proudly stated that India has moved from the 11th position in the world economy in 2014 to the fifth spot currently. This remarkable progress demonstrates India’s rapid growth and development on the global stage.

Celebrating Hyderabad Liberation Day

The central government is organizing an event in Hyderabad to commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day, with Amit Shah as the chief guest. The event aims to remember the sacrifices made by the people of Telangana, Hyderabad-Karnataka, and the Marathwada region. It also honors their unwavering patriotism and their struggle for freedom.

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Shah extended his heartfelt best wishes to the people of these regions, emphasizing the significance of the day. He acknowledged the people’s determination to free themselves from the oppressive rule of the Nizam and paid homage to the martyrs of the Hyderabad Mukti Sangram.

Struggle Against the Razakars

During the Hyderabad Liberation movement, the people of the region fought valiantly against the atrocities committed by the private militia known as the ‘Razakars.’ These militias defended the oppressive Nizam rule and called for Hyderabad state to either join Pakistan or become a Muslim dominion.

However, the people of the region resisted these demands and fought for their integration into the Union of India. Eventually, their efforts were successful, and Hyderabad state was annexed into the Union following military action initiated by Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Greetings and Homage

Shah extended his greetings to the people of Telangana, Hyderabad-Karnataka, and the Marathwada region on the occasion of Hyderabad Liberation Day. He praised their patriotism and their role in shaping the history of the region.

In a heartfelt message, Shah emphasized the unwavering struggle of the people of Hyderabad to break free from the rule and domination of the Nizam. He solemnly paid homage to the martyrs of the Hyderabad Mukti Sangram.


Hyderabad Liberation Day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the people of the region in their fight for freedom. The celebration of this historic day is an opportunity to pay tribute to their unwavering patriotism and their struggle against oppressive rule.

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Amit Shah’s presence at the commemorative event showcases the government’s commitment to honoring and preserving the country’s history. The fifth spot in the world economy stands as a testament to India’s remarkable growth under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As Hyderabad Liberation Day continues to be celebrated, it serves as a symbol of the collective determination and resilience of the people of the region. The day holds immense significance in the annals of Indian history, reinforcing the values of freedom, unity, and progress.

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