Delhi government delays odd-even scheme implementation

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai addresses the delay in implementing the odd-even car rationing scheme in light of improved air quality due to rain, while also hinting at a potential review after Diwali.

Government’s Decision on Odd-Even Scheme

In a recent press conference, Environment Minister Gopal Rai announced the decision to not implement the odd-even car rationing scheme from November 13 to November 20, attributing this choice to the significant improvement in Delhi’s air quality following the rain. He further emphasized the government’s intent to reevaluate the air quality situation post-Diwali and consider implementing the scheme if there’s a sudden decline in air quality.

Supreme Court’s Role

Mr. Rai had previously indicated that the scheme would be enacted in the city pending a review of its efficacy by the Supreme Court and subsequent issuance of an order. However, the apex court recently raised doubts about the effectiveness of the Delhi government’s car-rationing initiative, labeling it as “all optics.”

Anticipation of Air Quality Decline

Anticipating a potential deterioration in air quality post-Diwali, Mr. Rai had announced on Monday that the odd-even scheme, allowing cars to operate on alternate days based on the odd or even last digit of their registration numbers, would be enforced between November 13 and November 20.


As the implementation of the odd-even car rationing scheme remains uncertain, all eyes are on the government and the Supreme Court to address the concerns surrounding Delhi’s air quality and devise a comprehensive plan to combat vehicular pollution.

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