Dharavi residents to receive 350 sq ft flats: Adani redevelopment plan

Adani group to offer 350 sq ft flats to eligible residents of Dharavi slum clusters.

The Redevelopment Project

The Adani group, in collaboration with the Maharashtra government, is redeveloping the Dharavi slums. The new flats will be 17% larger than those offered in previous slum redevelopment projects, with a size of 350 sq ft, a kitchen, and a toilet.

Improved Living Conditions

Informal settlement dwellers were previously given houses measuring 269 sq ft, but since 2018, the state government has been providing homes ranging from 315-322 sq ft. The redeveloped area will also include community halls, recreational areas, public gardens, dispensaries, and daycare centers for children.

Eligibility Criteria

The cut-off date for determining eligible residents is January 1, 2000. Ineligible residents will be provided accommodation under the proposed affordable rental housing policy, in line with state government norms.

Project Details

The Dharavi Redevelopment Project, a joint venture between the Adani Group and the Maharashtra government, won the contract to rebuild the largest slum clusters in Asia in November 2022.

For more information on the Dharavi Redevelopment Project, refer to the Adani Group website.

Additionally, for updates on the project, read Maharashtra government statements.


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