Karnataka CM vows to establish 188 more Indira Canteens by 2023

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has announced plans to open 188 new Indira Canteens in 2023, catering to the food needs of underprivileged citizens in cities and towns at subsidized prices.

Expansion of Indira Canteens

The Chief Minister made this announcement while garlanding the statue of saint Kanakadasa at the Legislators’ Home in Bengaluru on November 30. He revealed that the Indira Canteens will be established in 225 wards of Bengaluru, with additional canteens strategically placed wherever necessary. Furthermore, mobile canteens will be introduced in locations facing space constraints for traditional Indira Canteens.

Social Reformer’s Legacy

Siddaramaiah also took the opportunity to highlight the contributions of saint Kanakadasa, emphasizing his role as a social reformer. Kanakadasa’s literary works promoted the values of humanity and advocated for an egalitarian society devoid of discrimination.

Resolution of Political Dispute

The Chief Minister confirmed that MLA B.R. Patil had been persuaded to attend the forthcoming winter session of the legislature, following a dispute with Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda. Patil had requested an official probe into allegations made against him regarding the Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited (KRIDL).

Patil’s appeal stemmed from comments made by Gowda during the last Assembly session, insinuating corrupt practices in Patil’s award of contracts to KRIDL. In response, Patil asserted his commitment to attending the upcoming legislative session in Belagavi in compliance with the Chief Minister’s directive.

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Siddaramaiah’s announcement signifies a significant development in the state’s efforts to combat food insecurity among its vulnerable populations. The planned expansion of Indira Canteens signals the government’s commitment to providing essential services to those in need, while the resolution of the political dispute attests to effective governance and conflict resolution within the administration.

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