New speed limit to Hyderabad airport: 80kmph

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad is set to see a change in the speed limit, as the Cyberabad police have issued new orders.

Cyberabad Police Revise Speed Limit for Airport Access Road

Effective December 11, the speed limit on the main access road to the RGIA will be increased from 60 kmph to 80 kmph, according to a statement from the police.

Approval for Speed Limit Revision

Commissioner Stephen Raveendra revealed that the decision came after an application from K. Sanjay Kaparaju, the Vice President and Head of Ground Transportation at RGIA. The application sought approval for the increase in speed limit and the implementation of a new system on the main access road.

No Traffic Issues Expected

The RGIA traffic police conducted an assessment and shared a report confirming that the increase in speed limit will not result in traffic issues. The stretch of the road leading to the airport, after the Shamshabad flyover, is approximately six kilometers long. Previously, the average travel time on this route was 20-25 minutes, which is expected to be reduced to 10-15 minutes with the new speed limit. Additionally, the road conditions and infrastructure are deemed suitable for the higher speed limit.

Implementation of Revised Speed Limit

Following the decision, the police have installed new speed limit signs along the access road and identified locations for the installation of automatic speed enforcement systems at the airport. Mr. Kaparaju also requested that the speed limit enforcement system data be directly linked to police data, with speed camera configuration to be integrated into the traffic system.

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The RGIA is taking steps to streamline traffic flow and improve travel times to and from the airport, providing a more efficient experience for travelers and commuters.

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