Nithiin Talks ‘Extra-Ordinary Man’ Comedy

Actor Nithiin takes on the role of a junior artiste in the upcoming Telugu comedy movie ‘Extra-Ordinary Man’, directed by Vakkantham Vamsi. The teaser of the film has garnered immediate attention, presenting Nithiin as a junior artiste who appears as the seventh person in the sixth row among the crowd singing ‘Dandalayya’ in Baahubali – the Conclusion. The movie, scheduled for release on December 8, is written and directed by Vamsi, known for his work on successful films such as Kick and Race Gurram.

In an interview with The Hindu at Annapurna Studios, Hyderabad, Nithiin expressed his confidence in the character, deeming it as the best role he has been offered in his 21-year acting career. He highlighted the comedic situations in the film and emphasized the transformative nature of his character, which undergoes three distinct looks and phases, bringing out the best in Nithiin as an actor.

The cast of ‘Extra-Ordinary Man’ includes Sreeleela, Rao Ramesh, and the surprise addition of Dr. Rajashekhar in a unique character role, deviating from his usual cop or father roles. Nithiin acknowledged the challenge of narrating the struggles faced by junior artistes, stating, “I don’t think anyone will watch if we narrate a story of the troubles faced by junior artistes.” However, he was drawn to the concept of the comedy involving a junior artiste and his relationship with his father, which instantly resonated with him.

The film, produced by Sudhakar Reddy and Nikhita Reddy, underwent an ever-evolving script, with multiple drafts and screenplay changes during filming. Nithiin even suggested pausing shooting to take a fresh look at the script, allowing for the incorporation of fresh ideas and ensuring that the final version of the script met their objectives.

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Reflecting on his career, Nithiin shared his preference for entertaining cinema, citing the success of his commercial films compared to his experimental projects. He expressed the desire to be part of different kinds of cinema, highlighting the positive reception of his recent film ‘Maestro’, a remake of ‘Andhadhun’. Despite the challenges faced in the film industry, Nithiin emphasized the importance of staying true to his instincts and working closely with directors to ensure the success of his projects.

With a flair for comedy, Nithiin recounted his experience working with Rao Ramesh, emphasizing the importance of establishing a rapport with co-stars to deliver authentic and engaging comedic performances. He expressed contentment in entertaining the Telugu audience and acknowledged the growing market for Telugu cinema in the United States, where he was set to promote his upcoming film.

As Nithiin gears up for the release of ‘Extra-Ordinary Man’, his passion for entertaining cinema and dedication to his craft become evident, reflecting his commitment to delivering quality performances and engaging storytelling to his audience.

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