Puducherry legislator queries Cabinet developments: Seeking clarity

G. Nehru Demands Clarification from Chief Minister N. Rangasamy Over Cabinet Developments

Independent legislator G. Nehru, also known as Kuppusamy, has called on Chief Minister N. Rangasamy to provide a clarification regarding recent developments in the Cabinet. Speaking at a press conference, Nehru expressed concerns about the government’s stability in light of recent political events.

A Crisis in the Cabinet

While not directly referencing the resignation letter of Minister for Transport S. Chandira Priyanga, Nehru, a supporter of the Chief Minister’s AINRC-led NDA government in Puducherry, emphasized that there is a crisis in the Cabinet. He stated that many people believe there will be a change of leadership after the Lok Sabha elections and demanded that Chief Minister Rangasamy address the political developments that have taken place recently.

Support for Rangasamy

Nehru clarified that his support is solely for Chief Minister Rangasamy and not for any party or bloc. He expressed the widespread belief that the Central government is creating obstacles for the Chief Minister through the Lieutenant Governor and the Chief Secretary. Nehru accused the Chief Secretary and other officials of impeding the implementation of welfare and development programs.

The Need for Clarity and Cooperation

With concerns raised about the government’s stability, it is imperative for Chief Minister Rangasamy to provide clarity regarding the Cabinet developments. Nehru’s demand for a clarification reflects the public’s anxieties and the need for transparency in the political landscape.

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Nehru’s unwavering support for Chief Minister Rangasamy is rooted in his belief that the Chief Minister is the best choice for leading Puducherry towards progress. However, obstacles created by the Centre, in collaboration with the Lieutenant Governor and the Chief Secretary, hinder the effective implementation of welfare and developmental initiatives.

It is essential for the Chief Minister and his government to address these concerns promptly and assertively. To regain the people’s confidence and strengthen the government’s position, a cohesive and transparent approach is required.

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