Thirupattur temple road gets wider

The State Highways Department is making significant progress in widening the access road to Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple at Thirupattur near Tiruchi from the Tiruchi-Chennai National Highway. The single-lane road has caused traffic congestion, prompting the widening project to accommodate the increasing number of devotees visiting the temple.

Widening Project Initiated

The narrow road leading from P.K. Agaram on the highway to the temple, covering a distance of about 3.4 km, is being widened by the Highways Department at an estimated cost of ₹4.10 crore. The 7-meter wide road will allow for two-lane traffic, addressing the recurring issue of traffic jams, particularly when heavy vehicles pass through.

N. Saravanan, a road safety activist, expressed his approval of the initiative, emphasizing how the widened road will provide a smoother and more enjoyable journey for devotees visiting the temple once the project is completed.

New Overbridge for Improved Connectivity

Furthermore, a new overbridge constructed across the Upparu on the Peramangalam-Keelavadi Road is now open to traffic on a trial basis. The overbridge, built at an estimated cost of ₹3.35 crore under the Comprehensive Road Infrastructure Development Programme, replaces a frequently flooded causeway. This upgrade aims to minimize traffic disruptions and improve the lives of residents in Peramangalam, Omandur, Thinnanur, and Abinimangalam villages.

Mr. Saravanan highlighted the importance of this road as an access point for people visiting the Anna Kamakshi-Masi Periyannaswamy and other temples at Omandur and nearby areas.

To read more about the progress, visit the The Hindu website for comprehensive coverage of the ongoing projects and developments in the Tiruchirapalli region.

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The continued efforts by the State Highways Department reflect their dedication to enhancing infrastructure and connectivity for the benefit of the local community and visitors to heritage sites in the area.

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