Thiruvananthapuram artists create Christmas ornaments

Crocheter Sreeja Renjith’s Santa Santas made of yarn

Crafters, artists, home cooks, crocheters, and candle makers are all gearing up for the Christmas season by creating festive decor. These decorations include Nativity figurines, candles, garlands, Santa fridge magnets, recycled paper trees, resin coasters, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the talented artists in Thiruvananthapuram who are bringing the Christmas cheer into homes.

Sreeja Renjith, a talented crocheter, has been crafting Santa Claus, Christmas trees, baubles, snowmen, bunnies, and more using just a hook and yarn. Her creations have been a hit with customers abroad, with some items, like a female Santa, being custom-made for clients in the US. The pricing for Sreeja’s festive crochet items ranges from ₹250 for gaily knotted balls in red and white to ₹2,500 and beyond for larger figurines. For those interested in purchasing Sreeja’s delightful creations, they can contact her at 7012652127.

Meera Radhakrishnan, whose Instagram account is Crochettalesbymeera, has also been busy creating a beautiful array of handmade Christmas baubles and decor objects. Her collection includes caps, baubles, snowmen, trees, and snowflakes, all made in vibrant colors to usher in the season of joy. These crochet articles help in personalizing Christmas trees and home decor, and they are eco-friendly as well. Meera’s creations are in high demand in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, with prices starting from an affordable ₹ 50. For those interested in Meera’s delightful crochet items, they can contact her at 9446490358.

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Another talented artist, Saraswathi Vasudevan, leads a buddy group that gets together to crochet festive items. Saraswathi’s outlet, Tejas, at Chalakuzhi Road in Thiruvananthapuram, stocks a variety of crochet articles to decorate homes. Her most eye-catching pieces include an eight-piece Nativity set, cuddly reindeer, centerpieces in the shape of leaves, cute Santa faces, and keychains. Saraswathi and her group work for three months prior to Christmas to ensure there is enough stock for the season. For those interested in Saraswathi’s crochet items, they can contact her at 9447001722.

As the festive season approaches, many artists are also turning their attention to creating fragrant and visually appealing candles. Bindu Joy, a talented decoupage artist, has decorated her home with handmade Christmas trees, gnomes made with socks, and various other festive items. She has also created scented candles in red, green, gold, and silver, which fill homes with the delightful aroma of vanilla, cloves, lavender, and rose. These candles are available at a cost ranging from ₹750 to ₹2,000. For those interested in purchasing Bindu’s festive candles, they can contact her at 9447195354.

Similarly, Anna Thomas has turned her lockdown hobby of making scented candles into an impressive micro-enterprise called Candle With Care. Her scented candles, available in green apple, chocolate, orange, and peach, come in different shapes and sizes. Anna takes pride in using high-quality paraffin and imported wax to ensure her candles have a long life and do not produce harmful fumes. Her custom-designed candles range in price from ₹80 to ₹650 and have found a strong following in cities like Bengaluru and Thiruvananthapuram. For those interested in Anna’s scented candles, they can contact her at 9847869617.

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Resin artist Harikumar has been creating stunning works of art and home decor objects using resin. His festive creations include coasters and hangers in red, green, and gold, all embossed with popular motifs of the season. These beautiful pieces are ideal as gifts and corporate decorations and have garnered a lot of attention. Harikumar also conducts workshops in resin art. For those interested in Harikumar’s resin art, they can contact him at 9847517609.

Leena George, a septuagenarian artist, has found solace and purpose in craft and art. Her flower arrangements, made with artificial flowers bought online, have gained popularity, as have her decoupage and botanical imprints. She also creates home decor pieces using multiwood, clay, and Plaster of Paris. For those interested in Leena’s artful creations, they can contact her at 9946239830.

Finally, Parvathi Mayamadhavi has found success in creating Christmas ornaments with a twist. Her creations, which include trees, garlands, wreaths, baskets, and containers of all shapes and sizes, are made entirely from recycled newspapers. Parvathi’s commitment to sustainability has led her to repurpose old newspapers, brown covers, cartons, and bill receipts into unique and eco-friendly art pieces. For those interested in Parvathi’s eco-friendly creations, they can contact her at 98953 89191.

These talented artists and craftsmen are bringing the Christmas cheer into homes with their unique and beautiful creations. Whether it’s crochet items, scented candles, resin art, flower arrangements, or eco-friendly ornaments, there is an abundance of festive decor to choose from. This holiday season, why not support local artisans and add a touch of creativity and cheer to your home?

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