Unseen Theatre: Chennai’s Evam Presents a Captivating Blindfolded Performance

Experience The Most Fantastic Show that You Can’t See, a one-of-a-kind immersive theatre production that challenges the audience to explore a world beyond sight. In this unique performance, every sense except sight takes center stage, allowing the imagination to run wild and the mind to paint vivid pictures of the story unfolding.

Evam, a city-based theatre company, is bringing this groundbreaking show to the public for the first time since 2019. Co-founder Sunil Vishnu explains that the idea for the show originated from a decade-long concept called ‘theatre of the mind.’ However, it was the collaboration with the National Association for the Blind (NAB) that truly brought the project to life. Vishnu, along with fellow co-founder Karthik Kumar, wanted to explore what theatre and entertainment would be like for those who can’t see.

To create an immersive experience for the visually impaired audience, the production team faced various technical challenges. They had to carefully consider factors like spatial orientation, sound placement, and the use of props to create special effects. The team of 12 talented actors, including director Jayachandran, worked tirelessly for the past two months to bring this fantastical story to life. The show incorporates live music by city-based musician Anish Mohan, as well as pre-recorded sounds and background music.

The goal of The Most Fantastic Show that You Can’t See goes beyond entertainment. It aims to raise awareness about life with visual impairment and provide a unique perspective for sighted individuals. The show is also a fundraising event, with attendees invited to a blind dinner after the performance. The audience will only open their eyes once dinner is complete, further emphasizing the importance of understanding the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals.

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The production is constantly evolving, relying on audience feedback to make improvements. With ten drafts already in the works, the writing itself is elaborate and descriptive, ensuring that every moment of the performance comes alive. The show promises an unpredictable and captivating experience that breaks away from Chennai’s traditional theatre scene. There is more to this weekend than meets the eye.

The Most Fantastic Show that You Can’t See will premiere on October 28 at Savera Hotel in Mylapore, with three shows at 5:15pm, 6:30pm, and 7:45pm. Tickets can be purchased on insider.in. Don’t miss this opportunity to venture into a world where imagination reigns supreme and all senses are awakened.

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