Unveiling the Controversial Video at Patna Junction


The recent uproar over a viral video, identified by the hashtag #Patna Junction पर पति पत्नी किस प्रकार कर रहे है अश्लील हरकतें देखकर आप, has stirred widespread discussions online. Let’s delve into the details surrounding this contentious footage.

Incident at Patna Junction: Pornographic Video Display

An alarming incident took place at the Patna junction as a private firm aired a pornographic video on the railway announcement TV screens, causing discomfort among hundreds of passengers.

Shock at the Station

The explicit content appeared on screens across 10 platforms, shocking passengers, including women awaiting trains or receiving relatives. The unsuitable material was displayed for about three minutes before passengers lodged complaints, prompting its swift cessation.

Official Action

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) promptly responded, filing an FIR against the responsible agency under various RPF Acts. Authorities acted swiftly, revoking the agency’s contract responsible for routine announcements about train arrivals and departures.

Immediate Measures

The operator involved absconded post-incident, triggering a search by RPF personnel. If the operator fails to cooperate, railway security forces plan to pursue an arrest warrant. Meanwhile, officials possess video evidence and have initiated a comprehensive investigation.

Response and Blacklisting

The Danapur Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Prabhat Kumar ordered an inquiry upon learning of the incident during his inspection. Railway authorities escalated the matter to the East Central Railway (ECR) headquarters in Hajipur, urging the blacklisting of the Kolkata-based agency permanently.

Historical Context

Interestingly, reports suggest a similar incident at Patna junction occurred in the mid-1990s, drawing parallels to the recent episode.