234 Agniveers Graduate from 1 EME Centre Secunderabad

The Second Batch of Agniveer Graduates Successfully completed training

A total of 234 Agniveers have successfully completed their training at the prestigious 1 EME Centre in Secunderabad. Decked out in traditional military attire, these highly skilled individuals showcased their abilities during an impressive Passing out Parade (PoP) ceremony held on Tuesday.

Second Batch of Agniveers Graduate

This second batch of Agniveers is following in the footsteps of the groundbreaking inaugural group, who passed out in June. The parade was reviewed by the Commandant of 1 EME Centre, Brigadier Suresh G, while proud parents watched on, filled with pride and excitement.

Delight and Encouragement from Commandant Brigadier

Addressing the newly graduated Agniveers, Brigadier Suresh expressed his delight at the success of the Agnipath scheme. He commended these individuals for their unwavering dedication and emphasized the honor they have in serving our great nation and its diverse population of over a billion citizens.

Encouraging the Agniveers to carry their passion into future assignments, he said, “When you embark on field duty, remember the potential you possess to overcome challenges similar to those encountered during your training. Carry forward the same fervor that brought you here into your forthcoming postings.”

Transitioning to Professionalism and Collaboration

Brigadier Suresh highlighted the competitive spirit that led to the selection of these Agniveers and urged them to transition into a professional mindset as they collaborate with their fellow soldiers. He extended his heartfelt congratulations to the faculty for their unyielding efforts in training and preparing these talented individuals for their future endeavors.

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Thorough Training Regimen for Agniveers

The Basic Military Training commenced on March 1, 2023, and lasted for 10 weeks at the 1 EME Centre. This solid foundation was followed by an additional 14 weeks of Advanced Military Training at various esteemed training establishments. Agniveer Prince Kumar from Samastipur, Bihar, expressed his eagerness to serve our nation, stating, “After a 15-day leave, we will report to our respective posting units and commence our duties.”

Passing Out Parade at Artillery Centre Hyderabad

It’s worth noting that a Passing out Parade for Agniveers graduating from the Artillery Centre Hyderabad was also held, adding to the celebratory atmosphere and showcasing the diverse paths these talented individuals can take within the armed forces.

The achievements of these Agniveers herald a bright future for the Indian armed forces. Their training, dedication, and commitment to serving our nation are a testament to their character and resolve. As they move forward into their respective postings, they carry with them the pride of being a part of the esteemed Agniveer legacy.