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Two years have passed since Boris Johnson’s proposal to relocate illegal migrants to Rwanda, and the journey of the Rwanda bill through parliament has shed light on the intricate process of turning proposed legislation into law. Let’s take a closer look at the stages involved in this process and the challenges it presents for controversial laws.

The Parliamentary Journey of the Rwanda Bill

The journey of the Rwanda bill began with the government drafting the legislation, which was then presented to the House of Commons for its first reading, serving as an announcement of its arrival.

The updated Rwanda bill, aiming to declare Rwanda as a safe country for migrants, is currently undergoing its second reading. This is where ministers engage in debates regarding the bill’s general principles, proposing changes, and addressing concerns such as legality and human rights.

Following the debates, the bill is updated and put to Members of Parliament (MPs), who vote on the proposed amendments discussed in the second reading. It then proceeds to the House of Lords, where peers examine the bill’s legal and ethical implications and vote on their proposed amendments.

The amended bill returns to the Commons, where ministers have the option to accept or reject the Lords’ changes, or submit further amendments. This process continues back and forth between the two Houses until a final version is agreed upon. The final version is then sent to the monarch for Royal Assent, thus becoming law.

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Challenges and Exceptions in the Legislative Process

In exceptional cases, such as the previous version of the Rwanda bill in December, the Supreme Court has the authority to intervene and deem the bill unlawful, sending it back to the initial stage. This process demonstrates the significant challenges that ministers face in passing controversial legislation through parliament without substantial amendments.

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The intricate process of turning proposed legislation into law, as seen in the case of the Rwanda bill, underscores the complexity and significance of the parliamentary journey. It also highlights the need for thorough examination, debate, and consideration of diverse viewpoints to ensure that laws reflect the values and priorities of the society they serve.

As we continue to witness the evolution of the Rwanda bill and other contentious laws, it remains essential to uphold the integrity and effectiveness of the legislative process, ultimately shaping the legal framework that governs our society.

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