India Urges Pakistan to Act Against 26/11 Perpetrators: Call for Credible Action at UNGA

### India Strongly Responds to Pakistan in UN Speech, Calls for Action on Terrorism

India has issued a strong response to Pakistan’s caretaker leader raising the Kashmir issue in his address to the U.N General Assembly. India’s First Secretary in the Permanent Mission to the U.N, Petal Gahlot, exercised India’s Right of Reply, urging Pakistan to take credible action against the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Gahlot criticized Pakistan’s engagement in “technical sophistry” and emphasized the need for peace in South Asia. She called for Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism, evacuate Indian territories under its occupation, and cease human rights violations against minorities.

#### India Asserts Kashmir as Integral Part, Rebukes Pakistan’s Commentary

Gahlot reiterated India’s stance that the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are an integral part of India. She emphasized that matters pertaining to these territories are purely internal to India and Pakistan has no right to comment on them. Gahlot reminded Pakistan of its own human rights record, particularly its treatment of minorities and women, stating that Pakistan should address its own issues before criticizing the world’s largest democracy. India condemned Pakistan’s repeated misuse of the U.N to spread “baseless and malicious” propaganda against India.

#### Pakistan’s Human Rights Violations Highlighted, Abduction and Forced Conversion Stressed

In her response, Gahlot brought attention to Pakistan’s systemic violence against minorities, citing a “glaring example” of the brutal treatment of the Christian community in Jaranwala, where 19 churches were destroyed, and 89 Christian houses were burnt down. She also mentioned the demolition of worship places belonging to the Ahmadiyyas. Gahlot emphasized the deplorable condition of women from minority communities in Pakistan, such as Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians, citing a recent report from Pakistan’s own human rights commission which estimates that 1,000 women from minority communities are subjected to abduction, forced conversion, and marriage in Pakistan every year.

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#### Pakistan Accused of Deflection, Labelled a “Habitual Offender”

India accused Pakistan of being a “habitual offender” when it comes to misusing the United Nations to deflect attention from its own abysmal human rights record. Gahlot stated that member states of the United Nations and other multilateral organizations are well aware of Pakistan’s tactics. She urged Pakistan to address its own human rights situation instead of attempting to discredit India.

#### Conclusion: Pakistan Responds to India’s Speech

Following India’s response, a Pakistani diplomat exercised Islamabad’s Right to Reply to India’s statements.

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