Jagan’s Review Meeting on Ambedkar Smriti Vanam Today

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Review Meetings

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a meeting at his camp office at Tadepalli in Guntur district to review the progress of Jagananna colonies. The meeting focused on assessing the development of the project and addressing any challenges encountered. The initiative aims to provide affordable housing to eligible beneficiaries and ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Review meetings on Ambedkar Smriti vanam

Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has been conducting regular review meetings on the progress of works at Ambedkar Smriti vanam at Swaraj Maidan in Vijayawada. The aim is to monitor the development of the prestigious project, which was launched in 2020 with an estimated budget of ₹268 crore. The Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for the project in June 2020, underscoring the government’s commitment to commemorating Dr. B R Ambedkar’s legacy.

Challenges in meeting inauguration deadlines

The government had intended to inaugurate the memorial park on Dr. B R Ambedkar Jayanti, but the program faced multiple postponements due to slow progress in the work. Despite forming a high-level committee to monitor the project’s development, the government encountered challenges in meeting the deadlines. The most recent target date for the inauguration was April 14, 2023, but it was not realized as planned.

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Project Details and Features

The project involves the installation of a 125-foot bronze statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar on an 81-feet pedestal at Swaraj Maidan, with a total height of 206 feet. The statue comprises 352 metric tons of steel and 112 metric tons of bronze, emphasizing the grandeur and significance of the monument. Additionally, a 2000 people-capacity Convention Center, spacious car, and bus parking facilities are part of the project’s structural design to accommodate visitors and ensure accessibility.

Moreover, the government plans to incorporate a Library, Museum, and Gallery at the Memorial Park to showcase the inspiring life and contributions of Dr. BR Ambedkar. This initiative aims to provide visitors with comprehensive insights into Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy and his invaluable impact on society.

Inspiration from National Models

The government studied various countrywide models, including Ambedkar Deeksha Bhoomi (Nagpur), Chaitya Bhoomi (Mumbai), Ambedkar Memorial (Lakhanpur), and Prerana Sthal (Noida), to draw inspiration and insights for the project’s development. The thorough research and analysis of these models contribute to the thoughtful and meaningful design of the Memorial Park, reflecting the significance of Dr. BR Ambedkar’s legacy in a national context.

Historical Context and Relocation of Government Offices

In a historical context, the previous government led by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had planned to construct a 125-feet Ambedkar statue in the Capital city of Amaravati. However, with a change in leadership, the project was shifted to Vijayawada city, aligning with the government’s vision and strategic development plans for the region. Furthermore, the government successfully relocated the Irrigation and other government offices, Swaraj Maidan Rythu Bazaar, from the Maidan before commencing the project, addressing logistical challenges and ensuring a conducive environment for the development of the Memorial Park.

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Government Initiatives and Future Plans

The government’s commitment to the project is evident through the issuance of a GO for the construction of the memorial park and Ambedkar statue, emphasizing the strategic importance and priority accorded to the initiative. The Chief Minister’s directive to expedite the project’s completion within a specified timeline underscores the government’s determination to realize the Memorial Park’s vision on time, ensuring that it serves as a fitting tribute to Dr. BR Ambedkar’s enduring legacy.

In conclusion, the government’s unwavering dedication to the development of the Dr. BR Ambedkar Smriti Vanam project reflects its commitment to honoring the legacy and contributions of Dr. BR Ambedkar. Despite encountering challenges, the government remains steadfast in its efforts to ensure the successful completion and inauguration of the Memorial Park, recognizing the immense significance of this initiative in preserving and promoting Dr. Ambedkar’s inspiring legacy.

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