Mahua Moitra doubles 2024 winning margin with Ethics panel report


TMC MP Mahua Moitra vows to return with a stronger mandate in 2024 after Ethics Committee recommends her expulsion

Moitra’s Response to the Committee’s Decision

After the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee recommended her expulsion in the “cash-for-query” matter, TMC MP Mahua Moitra expressed her determination, stating, “Proud to go down in parliamentary history as 1st person to be unethically expelled by Ethics Comm whose mandate doesn’t include expulsion. 1st expel & THEN ask govt to ask CBI to find evidence. Kangaroo court, monkey business from start to finish”. She also added, “Never Waste a Good Crisis they say… – this just helped me double my 2024 winning margin.”

Background of the Committee’s Decision

The Ethics Committee concluded a series of actions, including the deposition of three individuals during three sittings, before officially recommending Moitra’s expulsion. The committee, led by BJP Lok Sabha member Vinod Kumar Sonkar, finalized a 479-page report, which, according to sources, proposed Moitra’s expulsion, a potentially unprecedented action against an MP by the panel. Mr. Sonkar informed the press that six members of the panel supported the adoption of the report while four opposed it. The dissenting members argued that the recommendation was “prejudiced” and “incorrect” and highlighted the absence of businessman Darshan Hiranandani’s testimony, who is alleged to have given bribes to Ms. Moitra, except for filing an affidavit.

Moitra’s Confidence in the Face of the Committee’s Decision

In response to the committee’s decision, Moitra confidently asserted, “Never Waste a Good Crisis they say… – this just helped me double my 2024 winning margin,” reflecting her determination to continue her political journey despite the potential challenges on the horizon.

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