New Mizoram CM Lalduhoma Vows to Focus on Farmers, Economy and Integrity

In a historic event, Pu Lalduhoma, the chief of the Zoram People’s Movement, was inaugurated as the sixth chief minister of Mizoram at Raj Bhawan in the state capital Aizawl on Friday. The swearing-in ceremony was overseen by governor Hari Babu Kambhampati. Additionally, seven cabinet ministers and four ministers of state were also sworn in.

Prominent Sworn-in Officials

The seven cabinet ministers who took the oath are Lalthansanga, K Sapdanga, Vanlalhlana, C Lalsawivunga, PC Vanlalruata, F Rodingliana, and Lalrinpuii. The four ministers of state are F Rodingliana, B Lalchhanzova, Prof Lalnilawma, and Lalnghinglova Hmar, all of whom are first-timers in politics. The presence of former CMs Lal Thanhawla and Zoramthanga added significance to the ceremony.

Government’s Priority

Chief Minister Lalduhoma emphasized that the new government’s primary focus will be on uplifting farmers, improving the financial status of the state, and eradicating corruption by all means. He highlighted that even before the oath-taking ceremony, following his party’s victory, he had already brought these pressing issues to the attention of the central government.

Alignment with National Democratic Alliance (NDA)

When questioned about the possibility of a post-poll alliance with the NDA, the new CM clarified that while no such alliance is feasible, the state government will work in coordination with the Centre.

A Journey Appreciated

Lalduhoma’s journey, from being the principal assistant to the first CM of the state (1972-1977) to securing the top job, is being applauded by the people.

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This historic moment in Mizoram’s political landscape marks not only a transition in leadership but also sets the tone for the new government’s approach to governance. With the swearing-in of the chief minister, cabinet ministers, and ministers of state, the state is poised for a fresh trajectory, with a strong emphasis on addressing crucial issues and working in alignment with the central government.

Edited By: Oindrila Mukherjee

First published: December 08, 2023, 16:18 IST

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