Tamil Nadu CM Stalin seeks Assembly review of Governor’s withheld bills

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has proposed a resolution in the Assembly to reconsider and pass 10 Bills for which Governor R.N. Ravi had withheld assent. The House is currently in debate over this issue.

Governor’s Withholding of Assent

Out of the 10 bills, two were passed by the 15th Assembly during the AIADMK regime, and eight were passed by the 16th Assembly. They were immediately sent to the Governor for his assent.

M.K. Stalin accused the Governor of working against the interests of the State and hindering its overall development.

On November 13, 2023, the Governor returned the Bills without providing any reasons, simply stating ‘I withhold Assent’. The Chief Minister expressed the Assembly’s dissatisfaction with this action, arguing that the withholding of assent without explanation is unacceptable.

Constitutional Provisions

Under Article 200 of the Constitution, if the Assembly adopts the same Bill again, the Governor is required to give assent. M.K. Stalin suggested that the Bills could be reconsidered under Rule 143 of the Assembly’s rules.

According to Rule 143, when a Bill passed by the Assembly is returned by the Governor for reconsideration, the points referred for reconsideration or the recommended amendments shall be presented to the Assembly by the Speaker. They will then be discussed and voted upon in the same manner as amendments to a Bill.

Implications of Withheld Assent

Most of the Bills for which the Governor withheld assent are related to a proposal to amend the statutes of certain State universities. This proposed amendment would enable the Chief Minister to assume the role of Chancellor, replacing the Governor in this capacity.

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For more information, visit Government of Tamil Nadu – Legislation.

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