Tamil Nadu Today: Key Developments

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to Inaugurate Kangeyam Training Programme for Party Workers

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin will be inaugurating the Kangeyam training programme for party workers, who will be assigned tasks at various polling booths. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and preparedness of the party workers in managing the upcoming elections.

Forest Department Warns Against Spreading Misinformation about Tiger Deaths on Social Media

The Forest Department of Tamil Nadu has issued a warning against individuals who spread misinformation about tiger deaths on social media platforms. The department highlights the importance of accurate information and the adverse impact that false reports can have on public perception and wildlife conservation efforts.

Joint Team Seizes 18 kg of Ganja Smuggled by Rail Traveller

In an operation conducted at Tiruchi railway junction, a joint team comprising the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the National Investigation Bureau (NIB CID) have successfully seized 18 kilograms of ganja. The contraband was being smuggled by a rail traveller from Andhra Pradesh. This seizure reflects the commitment of law enforcement agencies in curbing drug trafficking activities.

Reception Organized for the Inaugural Run of Vande Bharat Express

Tiruchi Junction will witness a grand reception today as the Vande Bharat Express completes its inaugural run from Tirunelveli to Chennai Egmore. This high-speed train is expected to revolutionize rail travel in Tamil Nadu, offering a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation for passengers. The event showcases the state’s commitment to modernizing its transportation infrastructure.

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