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The Conclusion of the 10-Day Ganesh Festival Marks Immersion of Idols at Hussain Sagar Lake

The vibrant and festive atmosphere in Hyderabad comes to an end as the 10-day Ganesh festival concludes today. In order to facilitate the immersion of idols, the government has made elaborate arrangements at the iconic Hussain Sagar lake. Devotees, amidst great fanfare and religious fervor, gather at the lake to bid farewell to Lord Ganesh. The photo below captures the scene of devotees during the immersion process.

Devotees at the Hussain Sagar Lake for immersion of Ganesh idols post the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities in Hyderabad | Photo Credit: RAMAKRISHNA G

Transportation Services Altered as Hyderabad Metro Rail Extends Operating Hours

As the immersion process takes place at Hussain Sagar lake, public transportation services in the vicinity come to a halt. The Road Transport Corporation (RTC) has curtailed or changed bus routes, while the Hyderabad Metro Rail expects a heavy rush of devotees. To accommodate the increased footfall, the Metro Rail has extended its service timings till midnight to facilitate the smooth journey of devotees.

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Telangana Congress Leaders Seek Fair Representation in Assembly Tickets

Leaders from the backward classes in the Telangana Congress have traveled to New Delhi to meet with national leaders. Their aim is to impress upon the leaders that they deserve fair representation in the assembly tickets. They are demanding a minimum of 40 seats, though some senior leaders argue that ticket selection should be based on the winnability factor. The leaders hope to advocate for the rights and aspirations of their constituency.

MLA Mynampalli Hanmanth Rao Joins Congress Party Amid Questions Over Ticket Distribution

In a significant political development, Mynampalli Hanmanth Rao, an MLA from the Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS), has announced his decision to join the Congress party. Rao, known for his outspoken nature, publicly criticized the BRS leadership for not giving a ticket to his son. He also questioned whether the policy of limiting two tickets to a family applies to the Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s family as well. Rao’s move is likely to have significant repercussions within the political landscape of Telangana.

Minister K.T. Rama Rao to Attend Groundbreaking Ceremonies for Sintex Tanks and KITEX Apparel Park

IT and Industries Minister K.T. Rama Rao is scheduled to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sintex Tanks and PVC pipes manufacturing unit. This ceremony marks the beginning of a new era in the industrial sector of Telangana. Additionally, Minister Rao will also attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the KITEX apparel park in Ranga Reddy district. These initiatives signify the state government’s commitment to promoting industrial growth and generating employment opportunities.

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Congress Party Looks to Attract Dissatisfied BJP Leaders

Recognizing the opportunity to expand its base, the Congress party is making efforts to tap into the dissatisfaction prevalent among leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). A group of disgruntled BJP leaders recently convened at a farmhouse and decided to meet with the party’s top leadership to seek clarity on the action being taken against the BRS top leadership. If no satisfactory action is taken, these leaders may consider switching parties. This move has the potential to significantly alter the political dynamics in Telangana.

State Government Faces Embarrassment with Group-I Exam Cancellation

In a major setback, the cancellation of the Group-I exam has left the state government red-faced. This event follows a series of exam postponements due to the leakage of question papers, raising concerns about the government’s ability to maintain the integrity of the examination system. The government now faces the challenge of regaining the trust of the younger generation and dispelling the negative perception of incompetence.

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