McKinley Science Fair Highlights Student Achievements

In a recent event at McKinley Elementary, fifth graders showcased their science fair projects to a distinguished panel of judges, including Lisbon Mayor Peter Wilson and members of the Board of Education. Among the attendees were state highway patrol officers, Lisbon police officers, and other community members. The students presented a variety of innovative projects, demonstrating their scientific prowess and creativity.

The Impact Project: Lisbon Mayor and Students Engage

Lisbon Mayor Peter Wilson was actively engaged in the event, listening attentively as students presented their project titled “The Impact Project.” The students, Jax Huffman and Rydar Bowser, shared their insights and findings with enthusiasm.

For more details and images from the event, you can visit the Morning Journal News.

Embracing Scientific Curiosity: Learning from Students

Board of Education Member Jennifer Whitman was captivated by a project focusing on eggshell durability, presented by Skylar Lewis and Myriah Moore. The interactive session allowed students to showcase their knowledge and demonstrate their scientific experimentation skills.

Images capturing these moments can be viewed on the Morning Journal News website.

Cultivating Critical Thinking: Judging Excellence

Board of Education President T.K. Hiscox took on the role of a judge, evaluating a project presented by Aubree Pancurak and Torie Young. Their project exemplified creativity and critical thinking, reflecting the dedication of students in exploring scientific concepts.

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