Cricket’s Potential for Māori and Pasifika Athletes

Ross Taylor Optimistic about Naming of First Aotearoa Māori Women’s Cricket Team

Former Black Caps captain Ross Taylor is optimistic about the naming of the first Aotearoa Māori women’s cricket team as he believes it will lead to further opportunities for Māori and Pasifika individuals outside of traditional sports.

New Aotearoa Māori Women’s Cricket Team to Compete in Pacific Cup Tournament

New Zealand Cricket has made a historic decision by selecting the first Aotearoa Māori women’s cricket team, which will compete in the Pacific Cup tournament in Tāmaki Makaurau next year. The team will be under the guidance of former White Ferns captain Maia Lewis, who is thrilled about extending the pathway for Māori cricketers.

Maia Lewis Highlights the Significance of the Pasifika Cup

Following the successful Wāhine Māori national tournament in October, coach Maia Lewis emphasized the significance of the Pasifika Cup as another opportunity to showcase some of the country’s best Māori wāhine players. Lewis sees this as an essential step in creating a legacy and pathway for Māori wāhine cricketers for the future.

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Former Black Caps Captain Ross Taylor’s Perspective

Former Black Caps captain Ross Taylor believes that the announcement of the Māori women’s cricket team is a “flow-on effect” from the success of the Māori and Pacific secondary school cricket tournament last year. Taylor also expressed the need to promote cricket in the islands for years, emphasizing the importance of providing opportunities for Māori cricketers.

New Zealand Cricket’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Andrew Tara, New Zealand Cricket’s diversity and inclusion lead, stated that the organization is committed to growing the sport within Māori and Pasifika communities. Tara highlighted the importance of building capability on and off the field and supporting the development of cricket in the Pacific as a key driver in their commitment to hosting the tournament.

Creating Pathways for Polynesian and Māori Community

Former Black Caps captain Ross Taylor, who is of Samoan descent, is determined to create pathways outside of traditional sports like rugby, rugby league, and netball for the Polynesian and Māori community. He believes that cricket offers an avenue not only as a passion and hobby but also at a high level like the Olympics, creating opportunities to make a living out of it.

The Road to Inclusivity and Accessibility in Cricket

The main goal for NZC is inclusivity and making the sport more accessible, including promoting the game in the Pacific Islands as well. There is a strong commitment to offering opportunities for Māori cricketers and cultivating a way forward for the future of Polynesian and Māori cricket in New Zealand.

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