Dani Alves to Stand Trial for Sexual Assault in Spain, Faces 9-Year Sentence

Brazilian footballer Dani Alves is facing a nine-year prison sentence for alleged sexual assault, as per Spanish prosecutors.

Allegations and Trial

Alves is accused of assaulting a woman in a Barcelona nightclub in December. Despite denying wrongdoing, he faces a trial after an investigative judge found sufficient evidence for prosecution.

Prosecution’s Demands

Prosecutors seek a 150,000 euro damages payment and a 10-year no-contact order if Alves is found guilty. Additionally, they want him under supervision for a decade post-prison, with a prohibition on working with minors in line with Spanish law.

Legal Implications

Under Spain’s new sexual consent law, a charge of sexual assault encompasses a range of offenses, from online abuse to rape, each with varying penalties. A rape conviction could lead to a maximum 15-year sentence.

Pre-Trial Detention

The 40-year-old Alves has been in pre-trial detention since January, with all bail requests denied due to flight risk concerns. Despite offering to surrender passports and wear a tracking device, his requests for freedom have been opposed by prosecutors.

Professional Background

Alves, a prominent footballer with 42 titles, faces career restrictions if convicted, including a ban on working with minors. His lawyers have not commented on the case.

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