I-T Raids Ex-IFA Secretary’s Premises for Liquor Trade Irregularities


On Monday, the Income Tax Department conducted raids at the premises associated with former Indian Football Association (IFA) secretary Utpal Ganguly. This action was part of an ongoing probe into financial irregularities in the foreign liquor trade, according to an official.

Details of the Raids

The I-T officials were seen checking relevant documents and speaking with Ganguly at his residence in Dhakuria. The area around his residence was cordoned off by jawans of central forces since morning.

An official mentioned, “Our officers are speaking with Ganguly and scrutinising documents related to the trade of IMFL (Indian-made Foreign Liquor) with which he was associated.”

Additionally, searches were also underway at a couple of offices associated with Mr. Ganguly in Ballygunge and Cossipur areas of Kolkata, the official said.

Background on Utpal Ganguly

Utpal Ganguly held the post of IFA secretary for three terms spanning 12 years. However, he could not be reached for a reaction. It’s worth noting that he had stepped down from the post in 2019.

Relevance to Financial Irregularities

In connection with the financial irregularities, the raids at Utpal Ganguly’s premises are crucial to the ongoing investigation. The scrutiny of the documents and the search operations at various locations are part of the department’s efforts to uncover any potential discrepancies in the foreign liquor trade.

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Possible Ramifications

The outcome of this probe could have significant ramifications, given Utpal Ganguly’s long-standing association with the IFA and his involvement in the foreign liquor trade. The findings of the raids may shed light on any financial impropriety or irregularities that could potentially impact the industry and the individuals involved.

Response from Utpal Ganguly

As of now, Utpal Ganguly has not been reachable for comment or reaction to the raids and the ongoing investigation. His response to these allegations and the subsequent developments will be crucial in understanding the situation from his perspective.

Connecting the Dots

These raids and the ensuing investigation connect directly to the broader issue of financial irregularities in the foreign liquor trade. The authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to ensure transparency and accountability in this sector.

Implications for the Industry

Considering Utpal Ganguly’s former role in the IFA and his association with the foreign liquor trade, the outcome of this investigation could have implications for the industry as a whole. It may lead to regulatory changes or industry-wide reforms to prevent similar irregularities in the future.

Looking Ahead

As the investigation unfolds, it will be essential to monitor the developments closely. The potential findings from the raids and the subsequent actions taken by the authorities could shape the future regulatory landscape and governance of the foreign liquor trade in India.


The Income Tax Department’s raids at Utpal Ganguly’s premises are part of a larger effort to address financial irregularities in the foreign liquor trade. The outcome of this investigation will not only impact the individuals involved but also have broader implications for the industry and its regulation. As the situation evolves, it will be crucial to stay informed about the developments and their potential impact on the sector.

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