Kerala Blasters Aims for Victory: ISL-10 Match Analysis

Back Home After an Away Loss, Kerala Blasters Aim to Bounce Back against NorthEast United

The Kerala Blasters football team is eager to return to its winning form as it prepares to take on NorthEast United in the Indian Super League (ISL) at Nehru Stadium on Saturday. After experiencing a defeat in their previous match against Mumbai City, the Blasters are determined to secure a victory in front of their passionate supporters in Kochi.

The Power of the Kochi Crowd

The vibrant atmosphere generated by the massive crowd in Kochi has always been a source of inspiration for the Blasters. In fact, their two initial wins this season came in front of their enthusiastic home fans. Fully aware of the impact of the supporters, Frank Dauwen, the assistant coach for the Blasters, emphasized the importance of their backing in the upcoming match. He stated, “With the crowd behind us, we have to go for the three points.”

Taking on a Resurgent NorthEast United

Although optimistic about their chances, Dauwen acknowledged that NorthEast United has significantly improved compared to last season, where they finished at the bottom of the league. After analyzing NorthEast United’s recent games, Dauwen praised their performances and recognized the strengths of their players, particularly their wingers and foreign imports. Nestor Albiach, NorthEast United’s talented striker, also caught Dauwen’s attention.

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Moreover, the resilience of NorthEast United’s midfielders impressed Dauwen as they showcased their attacking prowess against Mumbai City. Dauwen concluded, “The team is much better than last year. We know that, and we must be prepared for the challenge they present.”

A Tough and Beautiful Game Awaits

On the other side, NorthEast United’s head coach Juan Pedro Benali anticipates a challenging match against the Blasters. Recognizing the Blasters as a formidable team, Benali highlighted their impressive style of play and believed they deserved better results in their previous encounter with Mumbai City. Despite potential injuries to some key players, Benali emphasized that the Blasters would still present a strong challenge.

Benali further expressed his excitement for the game, anticipating a beautiful evening of football with the support of the enthusiastic crowd. He said, “It will be a tough game, a beautiful game, with nice crowd support…it will be a nice evening of football.”

Both teams are determined to leave their mark in this highly anticipated match, showcasing their skills and fighting for victory on the pitch.

With the match on the horizon, fans and players alike eagerly await the clash between these two talented teams. The players’ preparation and commitment, combined with the electric atmosphere within the stadium, ensure that this match will be one to remember.

Celebrate the sport of football and witness the passion, dedication, and skills of the Kerala Blasters and NorthEast United on Saturday, as they compete for glory in the ISL.


After a disappointing away loss against Mumbai City, Kerala Blasters return home with the aim of securing a victory against NorthEast United in the ISL. The enthusiastic crowd in Kochi has historically played a significant role in inspiring the Blasters to success. Assistant coach Frank Dauwen believes the crowd’s support will be crucial in their pursuit of three points. However, Dauwen acknowledges that NorthEast United has improved significantly since finishing at the bottom last season. Juan Pedro Benali, NorthEast United’s head coach, expects a tough and beautiful game against the Blasters, acknowledging their impressive style of play. Both teams are prepared for an exciting and highly competitive match in front of the passionate crowd.

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