Mehidy’s Delight: Flourishing as an Opener

Mehidy Hasan Miraz

Bangladesh all-rounder Mehidy Hasan Miraz is excited about his opportunity to bat at the top of the order. In the 2023 ODI World Cup opener in Dharamsala, Miraz scored 57 runs and took three wickets, helping Bangladesh secure a six-wicket victory over Afghanistan. This year, Miraz has displayed his versatility by batting in five different positions in ODIs.

Miraz relishes batting at the top of the order

Traditionally batting at number 8, Miraz expressed his satisfaction with the chance to showcase his skills at the top. He always strives to excel and acknowledges the mutual benefits of his personal success and team performance.

Miraz stated, “I always play at number 8, so it was a great opportunity to bat at the top. I always want to do well. When I score runs, both my team and I benefit from it.”

Effective bowling partnership with captain Shakib Al Hasan

Commenting on his bowling partnership with captain Shakib Al Hasan, who also claimed three wickets, Miraz admitted to being cautious initially. He encountered a few challenges during his first over but was uplifted by the captain’s guidance. Shakib urged Miraz to bowl in the right areas and maintain a positive mindset, for which Miraz credits him.

Miraz shared, “I was a little bit cautious in my mind early on while bowling. I didn’t bowl a great first over either. But the captain told me to bowl in the right areas and told me to have a positive mindset. So, credit goes to him.”

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Bangladesh spinners outshine Afghanistan’s trio

On a slow Dharamsala surface, the Bangladesh spinners showcased their prowess by claiming a total of six wickets. In contrast, Afghanistan’s spin trio struggled to achieve similar success. Afghanistan head coach, Jonathan Trott, acknowledged the admirable performance of Bangladesh’s batters against their spinners and emphasized the importance of following batting plans in high-pressure tournaments like the World Cup.

Trott stated, “Their batters played our spinners better than we played theirs. We sort of veered away from our batting plans. It’s also about managing the pressure of a big tournament like the World Cup. That’s where we fell short. We have two massive games coming up and will look to bounce back.”

Looking ahead for Bangladesh and Afghanistan

While Bangladesh celebrates their victory in the tournament opener, they must maintain their performance in the remaining matches. The team’s impressive performance against Afghanistan has undoubtedly boosted their confidence, and they will look to carry this momentum into their upcoming games.

On the other hand, Afghanistan acknowledges the need to regroup and address the issues that hindered their performance. With two crucial matches ahead, they aim to bounce back and prove their mettle.


Mehidy Hasan Miraz’s exceptional performance as an all-rounder, both with the bat and ball, has played a crucial role in Bangladesh’s victory over Afghanistan in the 2023 ODI World Cup opener. Miraz’s enthusiasm for batting at the top of the order reflects his dedication to excel in different positions. Additionally, the effective bowling partnership with captain Shakib Al Hasan highlights the importance of guidance and a positive mindset in achieving success.

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Bangladesh’s spinners outshone their counterparts from Afghanistan, and coach Jonathan Trott acknowledged the need for his team to adhere to batting plans and manage pressure in order to succeed in high-stakes tournaments like the World Cup. As both teams look ahead to their remaining matches, Bangladesh aims to maintain their winning streak while Afghanistan seeks redemption and a chance to prove their capabilities.

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