Mushfiqur Rahim Makes History as First Bangladesh Batter Out for ‘Obstructing the Field’

Former Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim made headlines on Wednesday as he became the first batter from his country to be given out for ‘obstructing the field’ during the second Test against New Zealand. The 36-year-old’s unusual dismissal stirred up quite a controversy on the opening day of the match. Let’s delve into the details of this unprecedented incident.

What Happened?

Rahim faced a rising delivery from New Zealand fast bowler Kyle Jamieson in the 41st over and, in an attempt to defend the ball, extended his right hand to prevent it from hitting the stumps. However, his actions led to a heated debate and a decision which raised many eyebrows.

The Controversy Unfolds

The Black Caps were swift to appeal, prompting the on-field umpires to refer the matter to the TV umpire Ahsan Raza, who eventually ruled Rahim out. This decision was met with a lot of discussion and debate among cricket enthusiasts and experts alike.

Understanding the Rule

According to Law 37.1.2, a player is deemed to be out obstructing the field if they deliberately use their hand (not holding the bat) to strike the ball while receiving a delivery from the bowler. This applies whether it’s the first or subsequent strike and includes both playing at the ball and striking the ball in defence of their wicket.

It’s worth noting that earlier, such dismissals were categorized as “handled the ball,” but a change in the laws in 2017 brought them under the “obstructing the field” category, making the incident all the more intriguing.

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A Rare Occurrence

Former England captain Michael Vaughan was the last batter to be given out ‘handling the ball’ against India in 2001, highlighting the rarity of such dismissals in international cricket.

Outcome of the Match

Rahim, who was Bangladesh’s top-scorer with 35 runs off 83 balls, played a crucial role for his team. However, Bangladesh was eventually bundled out for 172 runs in 67 overs. It’s also noteworthy that Bangladesh emerged victorious in the first Test in Sylhet, securing a win by 150 runs.

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