Pakistan Cricket Team Tours Australia Without Doctor

Visa and passport issues have caused complications for the Pakistan national senior cricket team in Australia and the Under-19 side in the UAE, leaving them without a doctor and team manager respectively.

Challenges for the Senior Team

Sohail Saleem, the appointed team doctor for the series in Australia and New Zealand, has yet to join the team due to visa issues. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is actively working to secure a visa for Dr. Saleem, aiming for his timely arrival in Australia for the first Test in Perth.

Obstacles for the Under-19 Side

Former Test batsman, Shoaib Muhammad, was set to manage the Pakistan junior side in the Asia Cup in the UAE. However, he has also faced difficulties due to expired passport issues. The PCB is in the process of resolving these issues to ensure Shoaib’s prompt arrival to take charge of the team.

Additional Delay for Player Sajid Khan

Even the off-spinner, Sajid Khan, who is due to replace Abrar Ahmed in the Pakistan squad in Australia, has experienced delays in his departure due to visa issues.

Ensuring Timely Departure of Officials

The source emphasized the importance of ensuring the timely departure of officials named in touring squads, highlighting the need for proactive measures to prevent such complications in the future.

This situation has shed light on the challenges faced by cricket teams when traveling for international fixtures. The PCB’s efforts to resolve these issues reflect their commitment to overcoming obstacles for the successful participation of their teams in prestigious international tournaments.

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The cricket community eagerly awaits positive developments in the visa and passport issues, anticipating the seamless integration of the doctor, team manager, and replacement player into their respective squads.

It is essential for cricket governing bodies to streamline visa and travel arrangements to avoid disruptions to team preparations and performances. Addressing these logistical challenges is crucial for the smooth functioning of international cricket events.

As the PCB continues its endeavors to resolve the visa and passport issues, the cricket fraternity remains hopeful for the swift resolution of these challenges, ensuring the full participation and support for both the national senior team in Australia and the Under-19 side in the UAE.

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