Virat Kohli Embraces Sacrifices with Confidence

Virat Kohli’s Perspective on Struggle and Sacrifice

Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli recently shared his thoughts on the concept of struggle, highlighting a significant distinction between hard work and what he perceives as genuine struggle. In a candid conversation, the 35-year-old expressed his reluctance to use terms like “struggle” and “sacrifice” in describing his journey, emphasizing instead his unwavering pursuit of passion.

Kohli’s Rejection of Conventional Notions

During a talk show with host Gaurav Kapoor, Kohli boldly stated, “Honestly, sitting in my position, I cannot use words like struggle and sacrifice. For me, there has been no struggle and no sacrifice. I am doing what I love.” This declaration provided a glimpse into Kohli’s mindset, where dedication and enjoyment overshadow traditional narratives of hardship.

Real Struggle versus Perceived Hardship

Further elaborating on his stance, Kohli drew a clear distinction between true struggle, experienced by those lacking basic necessities like regular meals, and the romanticized portrayal of hard work as struggle. He emphasized the essential responsibility of providing for one’s family, highlighting the disparity between genuine challenges and self-imposed burdens.

In his own words, “Struggle uski hoti hai jisko do waqt ki roti nahi milti hai. Aap apne hard work ko struggle bol ke usko glorify kar sakte ho, uspe cherry on top laga sakte ho, aapko koi nahi bol raha hai gym mein jaane ke liye, but you have to feed your family.” This poignant insight underscored Kohli’s awareness of privilege and the importance of acknowledging the real struggles faced by many.

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A Grateful Perspective

Expressing gratitude for his current position, Kohli humbly recognized the trivial nature of his own worries in comparison to the genuine adversities encountered by others. He acknowledged the privilege of being able to pursue his passion professionally, acknowledging the stark contrast between the challenges of his sporting career and the fundamental struggles of individuals deprived of basic necessities.

In Kohli’s reflection, “I am just grateful, actually, I am in a privileged position as I am getting to do what I have always loved to do. I play a sport, which is my profession. If you really think about the real problems that people face in life, it’s not done. You can’t compare getting out in a Test series to someone who doesn’t have a roof in his house,” he eloquently captured the essence of perspective and gratitude.


Virat Kohli’s candid and self-aware perspective on struggle and sacrifice serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of context and empathy. His rejection of conventional narratives and emphasis on genuine struggles offer a refreshing take on success and fulfillment. As fans and admirers, we can draw inspiration from Kohli’s humility and perspective, reminding us to appreciate our blessings and recognize the true challenges faced by others in society.