Einstein Copilot AI to Analyze Unstructured Data

Salesforce Expands Apple Partnerships and Unveils AI Enhancements at Salesforce World Tour New York 2023

Salesforce made significant announcements at the Salesforce World Tour New York 2023 event, unveiling enhanced capabilities of its generative AI assistant, Einstein Copilot, and expanded integrations with Apple products.

The addition of the Data Cloud Vector Database to the Salesforce Data Cloud enables handling unstructured data, offering a range of benefits across various business functions, including IT, sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce.

AI Enhancements to Salesforce Data Cloud
A key enhancement is the Data Cloud Vector Database, which is set to launch in a pilot program in February 2024. This integrated vector database support allows for the use of diverse data types, combining unstructured data such as PDFs, emails, audio, and social media content with structured data like purchase history, customer support cases, and product inventory.

Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s generative AI assistant, will leverage unstructured data to respond to inquiries or conduct analyses, accessing this data through the Salesforce Data Cloud. It is slated for general availability in February 2024, enabling the transformation of unstructured data into actionable insights using AI, CRM, automation, and analytics.

Possible use cases for Einstein Copilot include:
– Customer service: Leveraging unstructured data to enhance the customer service experience.
– IT teams: Supporting IT professionals in uncovering issues within unstructured content.
– Sales reps: Providing valuable information about potential client companies before meetings.

Einstein Copilot Search, another enhancement for Salesforce Data Cloud, is set to enter its pilot phase in February 2024. Drawing from data across the Data Cloud, it will offer intelligent search suggestions, benefiting sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams. For example, it will link a customer’s emails and phone calls to their support ticket history, aiding customer service representatives in problem-solving.

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Expanded Salesforce and Apple Partnership
Salesforce and Apple’s strategic partnership, established in 2018, will see further integration of Apple products directly into specific Salesforce offerings. Notably, Apple Messaging for Business in Service Cloud, part of Salesforce’s Service Cloud Digital Engagement, allows businesses to set up live chat experiences with customers and accept payments through Apple Pay within the Messenger app. Additionally, augmented reality with Apple’s ARKit will be available in the Salesforce Field Service mobile app in the summer of 2024, aiding field technicians in capturing 3D renderings of real locations to streamline planning and installations.

AWS Partnership and More Salesforce News
Salesforce highlighted its partnership with AWS and announced news related to the Trailblazer Career Marketplace, Unlimited Edition+, and Data Cloud for Advertisers. Notably, Salesforce products are now available on AWS Marketplace, and AWS services will empower Heroku, Salesforce’s app builder, to develop generative AI-first apps. Amazon Connect Chat and Amazon Connect forecasting have also been integrated into Salesforce’s Service Cloud offerings.

In addition to these partnerships and integrations, Salesforce’s Unlimited Edition+ brings together AI, data, and CRM technologies, and the company is introducing new integrations to its Data Cloud for Advertisers, enabling personalized ads across channels and targeted professional groups on LinkedIn using data from Salesforce apps and LinkedIn.

As Salesforce continues to innovate and expand its partnerships, these developments are set to enhance the capabilities and offerings of the company, catering to a diverse range of business functions and industries.

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