Fooke now authorized integrator for Meld metal 3D printing tech

At the Formnext 2023 event, Meld Manufacturing Corporation made an exciting announcement about its collaboration with Fooke, designating the company as an authorized integrator for Meld’s metal 3D printing technology. This partnership positions Fooke as a leading provider of cutting-edge technology in Europe, allowing them to introduce a range of machines seamlessly integrated with Meld’s innovative 3D metal printing technology as part of a comprehensive Fooke OEM system. By combining their respective strengths, including Fooke’s expertise in precision machining and industrial solutions and Meld’s pioneering capabilities in large-scale metal 3D printing, the strategic alliance aims to offer customers a unified and comprehensive solution that delivers the latest advances in metal additive manufacturing technology.

The integration of Meld’s technology into Fooke’s OEM systems will enable customers in sectors such as aerospace, railway, automotive, and shipbuilding to explore new frontiers in the production of large metal parts. Johannes Fooke, CEO of Fooke, expressed the reasoning behind this move, stating, “Our customers in the space market asked us to integrate this technology into our machines. When we learned about this new process, we saw value for our customers in other industries as well.”

Meld’s proprietary process offers numerous advantages over traditional metal 3D printing methods, including eliminating the need to melt metal, which reduces the risk of thermal stress and ensures superior material properties with minimal distortion. Additionally, Meld’s technology is adaptable to a wide range of commercially available metals, including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and more. It is also environmentally friendly, producing minimal waste and reducing energy consumption.

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Hendrik Fooke, Head of Sales & Business Development at Fooke, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing quality solutions to our customers. MELD’s technology will enable us to offer both additive and subtractive capability on our machines, opening doors to previously unattainable possibilities for large scale parts manufactured on site.”

Overall, the collaboration between Meld and Fooke represents a significant step forward in the metal additive manufacturing industry, offering innovative solutions to the market.

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