Healthcare tech innovator: Mark Slack

Mark – It all started with my passion for medicine, which led me to become a gynaecologist and pursue academic and clinical work. While working in the UK, I collaborated with a colleague from Australia to introduce new operations and conduct research, which eventually led me to the world of technology and innovation.

I co-invented a machine to measure pressures in the bladder, which was later launched globally by Johnson and Johnson. This success inspired me to continue exploring innovative solutions in the medical field. I then ventured into robotics after realizing the limitations of traditional keyhole surgery and the potential for technological advancements to enhance surgical procedures.

The idea for robotics came about through a chance encounter with my co-founder, Luke, who expressed interest in the topic. We both had a background in innovation and inventing, and our collaboration seemed like a perfect match. Along with our other founders, we set out to address the existing limitations of keyhole surgery and develop a solution that would improve precision and accessibility.

The key gap we identified was the underutilization of keyhole surgery despite its numerous advantages over open surgery. We believed that the incorporation of 3D vision, precision instruments, and improved communication with surgical teams could overcome these challenges. The robot we designed aimed to provide surgeons with greater control and ease of operation, ultimately making complex procedures more accessible.

Our innovative approach garnered attention and support from medical professionals and policymakers, further propelling our journey towards revolutionizing the field of surgical technology. We remained dedicated to our mission, continuously refining our technology to meet the evolving needs of the medical community.

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In conclusion, our journey from medicine to the development of robotics was driven by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to improving patient outcomes. We recognized the potential for technology to enhance surgical procedures and set out to develop a solution that would bridge the gaps in traditional surgical methods. Through collaboration, dedication, and perseverance, we were able to establish a successful business that continues to make strides in the medical technology industry.

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