Massive 13K Participation in graVITas’23: Top Technology Fest

Student Innovates Safer and Easier Clove Harvesting Device at VIT Tech Festival

Insight into Challenges Faced by Clove Farmers

S. Abisha, a third-year student at the VIT School for Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning (VAIAL), gained valuable insights into the agricultural practices and challenges faced by clove farmers in Kanniyakumari.

Hackathon for Agricultural Transformation at graVITas’23

Last Saturday, at the latest edition of the three-day technology festival, graVITas’23, organized by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Ms. Abisha showcased her innovation for the ‘Hackathon for Agricultural Transformation’. Her device aims to revolutionize clove harvesting by making it easier and safer.

A Safer Alternative to Manual Clove Harvesting

Together with her teammate, Ashlyn Chryssandra, Ms. Abisha designed a prototype tool to serve as an alternative to the hazardous manual harvesting of cloves. Having witnessed the risks involved in harvesting cloves from tall trees, she was determined to provide farmers with a safer alternative. “They say it is the only way, but I want to change that. So, we developed a design for a device to harvest cloves,” she explains.

The Innovative Clove Harvesting Prototype

Ms. Abisha’s prototype consists of a 12-meter pole that can rotate in all four directions. It also features two arms and clamps that move backwards and forwards to effectively harvest cloves. The battery-run equipment can be easily operated by the farmer from the driver’s seat and allows for the efficient harvesting and storage of cloves in a bag.

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Kanniyakumari Cloves: Unique and Abundant

Kanniyakumari cloves currently account for approximately 65% of the country’s clove production. A few years ago, these cloves were recognized with a geographical indication (GI) tag due to their exceptional qualities, such as a high concentration of volatile oil content and a delightful aroma.

Technological Innovation at VIT Tech Festival

With over 13,000 participants from various colleges and deemed universities in the country, the three-day graVITas’23 festival showcases 150 events. The valedictory event, held on Sunday, will award prizes worth ₹20 lakh to the winners.

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