Microsoft AI PCs with ‘AI Explorer’ on Windows 11.

Microsoft Prepares to Introduce AI Explorer Feature on Windows 11

In recent months, Microsoft has been enhancing Windows 11 with various AI-powered features. Now, the tech giant is on the brink of unveiling a new feature known as ‘AI Explorer’. According to a report by Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, AI Explorer could become a key selling point for AI PCs to set them apart from their non-AI counterparts. This cutting-edge feature is rumored to debut on the upcoming Surface 10 Pro and Surface Laptop 6, scheduled for launch on March 21.

The AI Explorer app is poised to revolutionize user experience, offering an advanced iteration of Copilot with a unique built-in history feature. This feature enables users to seamlessly search for every action performed on their PC. It is anticipated to operate across all applications, facilitating searches for previously accessed images, web pages, and conversations.

Bowden elaborates that the AI Explorer app will possess the ability to comprehend vague prompts such as “Find me that thing about dinosaurs”. Additionally, it will exhibit contextual understanding, suggest tasks based on the displayed content, and even kickstart workflows and projects. For instance, when viewing a photo, the AI Explorer might provide options like an ‘edit image’ button or suggest utilizing the Photos app to remove the image’s background.

Exciting AI-Powered Features on the Horizon

Aside from the groundbreaking AI Explorer feature, Microsoft is anticipated to introduce a host of other AI-powered functionalities. These include the integration of new Windows Studio Effects, real-time live captions and translations, as well as game upscaling and frame rate smoothing.

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Users can look forward to experiencing these innovative features when Microsoft rolls out its updates, speculated to occur in the second half of the year alongside Windows 11 version 24H2. However, it remains uncertain whether Microsoft will officially unveil these upcoming AI features on March 21.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft’s future releases and cutting-edge AI enhancements!