‘Nigeria’s Tech Sector Thrives with Foundation for Greatness’ | The Guardian Nigeria News

Just recently, Dr Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, unveiled a strategic blueprint for the ministry. The blueprint aims to accelerate Nigeria’s collective prosperity through technical efficiency and utilizes digital technology and innovation to diversify and strengthen the country’s economy. In an interview, Dr Tijani, a renowned tech entrepreneur and co-founder of CcHUB, discussed the idea behind the blueprint, his agenda for the sector, and his mandate to reimagine the ministry as the public sector ecosystem that enables Nigeria’s economic growth through technological innovation.

When asked about his transition from the private sector to the public sector, Dr Tijani explained that his work in the private sector, particularly with CcHUB, was always focused on nation-building and strengthening society through innovation and technology. He believed that true progress can only be achieved when government, business, and civil society work together. He also mentioned the expansion of CcHUB in different African countries and the potential for Nigeria to become a hub for technological innovation and export.

Regarding his mandate from President Tinubu, Dr Tijani emphasized the president’s commitment to changing Nigeria’s economic development. He praised President Tinubu’s understanding of the country’s potential for greatness and his belief that Nigeria can be a leader if the necessary steps are taken. Dr Tijani also highlighted the president’s pro-business mindset and his determination to do what is best for the country. He expressed his excitement about being part of a team that shares the same goals and hopes to deliver results for the people.

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Regarding the strategic blueprint, Dr Tijani revealed that it was inspired by conversations with individuals within the ministry and its agencies. He explained that having a clear plan is essential in a country as vast and diverse as Nigeria, where different partners and entities have different agendas. The blueprint addresses the need for audacious actions and provides a roadmap that everyone can follow.

Overall, Dr Tijani’s interview highlights his belief in the transformative power of technology and innovation in driving Nigeria’s economic growth. He envisions a future where the public and private sectors collaborate to create a thriving tech ecosystem and position Nigeria as a leader in the global digital economy.

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