Samsung Galaxy Ring Launches in 3 Colorways This Year

Samsung Galaxy Ring: A New Wearable Device on the Horizon

Earlier this month, Samsung teased the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Ring at the end of the Galaxy Unpacked event. Although the company didn’t reveal any details during the event, a recent report suggests that the product may be introduced later this year. The report also provided insights into the anticipated features of the health-focused wearable device, emphasizing its lightweight design and the possibility of it being available in multiple sizes and color options.

Details Emerging from SamMobile

The report, which originated from SamMobile, cited tech analyst Avi Greengart, who claimed to have had hands-on experience with the prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Ring. In a Threads post, Greengart revealed that the device was remarkably lightweight and would be offered in various sizes, with the largest size being 13 (22.2mm). Additionally, the analyst disclosed that the device is expected to launch in three different finishes later this year.

Focusing on Health and Wellness

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung positioned the Galaxy Ring as a health device, coinciding with the unveiling of its flagship Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. The device is purported to be equipped with several sensors aimed at tracking users’ health markers and recording physical activity. Some of these sensors were subtly showcased in the teaser video, with the company dubbing it a “powerful and accessible health and wellness device” during the event.

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While Samsung has not provided specific details about the on-device sensors, it is expected that the Galaxy Ring will include a 24×7 heart rate monitor, an SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor, a sleep monitoring tracker, and various other fitness tracking capabilities. Rumors also suggest that the device might incorporate a blood pressure monitoring feature and potentially even atrial fibrillation (Afib) detection, although these are less substantiated claims.

Integration and Compatibility

The upcoming Galaxy Ring wearable is anticipated to integrate with Samsung Health, offering a seamless user experience. It is likely that the device will necessitate a companion app or device for data synchronization and display. Moreover, the ring is expected to be compatible with both the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy smartphones. Based on the teaser visuals, it appears that the ring may feature a pogo pin slot for charging.

Pricing and Market Positioning

While the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Ring remains undisclosed, it is expected that it will be priced similarly to its competitor, Oura Ring, which starts at $299 in the US. Notably, Oura Ring is not available in India, but Noise introduced its Luna Ring in the country last year, retailing for Rs. 19,999. Given this context, it is anticipated that Samsung’s wearable device will enter the market with a competitive pricing strategy.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is poised to make a significant impact in the wearable device market with its focus on health and wellness features. As details continue to emerge, consumers can expect a lightweight, multifunctional device that integrates seamlessly with Samsung’s ecosystem of products. With its rumored capabilities and competitive pricing, the Galaxy Ring is undoubtedly a product to watch in the coming months.

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For more information about the Samsung Galaxy Ring, watch the report here.

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