Tech Driving Revolution in Military Affairs: CDS

Gen Anil Chauhan Emphasizes Technology’s Role in Military Revolution

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen Anil Chauhan, addressed a gathering at BARC in Mumbai on National Technology Day, highlighting the pivotal role of technology in transforming military affairs. Gen Chauhan stressed the significance of integrating current technologies and investing in emerging ones to secure the nation’s future.

Focus on Science and Technology for National Security

Speaking to scientists and engineers from the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Gen Chauhan underscored India’s rich history in science and technology. He called for a rekindling of the imaginative spirit to drive the development of essential technologies for national security. Gen Chauhan commended the DAE for its dedication to advancing science and technology for the nation’s benefit.

Gen Anil Chauhan expressed appreciation for the theme of this year’s National Technology Day, ‘Atoms for Society: Securing Water, Food & Health,’ emphasizing the critical role of science and technology in addressing societal challenges. He acknowledged the remarkable advancements in science and technology that have propelled the nation’s progress, recognizing the diligent efforts of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

Encouraging Progress and Innovation

Reflecting on India’s historical prowess in science and technology, Gen Chauhan urged for a revival of the imaginative spirit to meet the evolving technological needs for national security. He extended warm wishes to the DAE and its members on National Technology Day, emphasizing the importance of continued efforts as India moves forward on the path of progress and innovation.

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