Top 6 Jamboard rivals for 2024: Find alternatives now

Google announced last year that support for Jamboard devices and apps will be discontinued as of October 1, 2024, with access to the app and all Jamboard data ending at the end of 2024. Google Jamboard is known for its easy-to-use collaborative drawing capabilities for Google Workspace users, offered through a combination of Jamboard apps and devices. The apps can be used on various platforms such as web, iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices, as well as in Google Meet. Users of Jamboard devices or apps are advised to seek alternative options.

For hardware alternatives, Google recommended the Series One Board 65 (priced around $9,000) or the Series One Desk 27 (priced around $2,000), both manufactured by Avocor. Three software solutions—FigJam by Figma, Lucidspark by Lucid Software, and Miro—have been integrated to work with Series One devices, with options to import Jamboard content available by March 2024.

For those who use Jamboard apps independently, without the physical device, there are several software alternatives available. Six options that support visual collaboration and could serve as suitable replacements for Jamboard are listed below:

1. FigJam by Figma: Ideal for friendly design with features such as drawing tools, shapes, stickers, notes, connectors, and more. It offers a clean design and additional features compared to Jamboard.

2. Miro: Best for enterprise integrations, offering a wide range of features for visual collaboration, including standard drawing tools, templates, and various content types.

3. Lucidspark by Lucid Software: Known for its experimental AI feature, customizable menu, and collaborative tools for drawing, adding images, and assigning tasks.

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Each of these alternatives has its own pros and cons, pricing plans, and unique features. Users can explore these options to find the best fit for their collaborative drawing needs.