North Korea Criticizes Blinken’s Moscow Relations Remarks


North Korea Slams Blinken’s Comments on Relations with Moscow

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry criticized U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s remarks on Pyongyang’s ties with Moscow, warning that they would only fuel political and military tensions on the peninsula. Mr. Blinken’s visit to Seoul, where he expressed concerns about the growing military cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow, elicited strong condemnation from Pyongyang.

Response to Blinken’s Remarks

Pyongyang’s Foreign Ministry denounced Mr. Blinken’s comments as “irresponsible and provocative,” emphasizing that they would exacerbate the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula. The ministry, quoted by the state-run Korean Central News Agency, urged the U.S. to acknowledge the evolving dynamics of DPRK-Russia relations.

Nuclear-Armed North and Tensions in the Region

Mr. Blinken’s visit came in the wake of his attendance at a G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in Japan, during which he highlighted the increasing and dangerous military connections between Pyongyang and Moscow. He also urged Beijing to exert influence over North Korea to curtail its nuclear ambitions.

In response, North Korea underlined the need for the U.S. to adjust to the new reality of its relations with Russia, amid concerns over their respective military capabilities and strategic cooperation.

Impact of Growing DPRK-Russia Ties

The historical allies, Russia and North Korea, both facing international sanctions, have triggered apprehension in Ukraine and its allies due to their deepening military collaboration. This concern was amplified following North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in September.

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Allegations have also emerged indicating that Pyongyang provided military support to Russia in the form of artillery rounds in exchange for satellite technology expertise, further fueling anxiety among regional actors.

U.S.-South Korea Defense Cooperation

Following Mr. Blinken’s visit, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is scheduled to meet with his South Korean counterpart in Seoul as part of efforts to bolster mutual defense cooperation between the two countries.

As geopolitical tensions continue to unfold in the region, the evolving relations between North Korea and Russia, coupled with the dynamics of U.S.-South Korea security ties, remain critical focal points in shaping the regional security landscape.

As the situation continues to develop, it underscores the imperative for diplomatic dialogue and strategic cooperation to mitigate potential escalations and restore stability in the region.

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