Pakistan’s Mission Near Impossible as England Eyes CT Spot

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Kolkata: Pakistan vs. England match at the Eden Gardens holds little hope for a thrilling encounter, but for the players, coaches, and fans, it’s an opportunity to salvage something meaningful.

Near-zero Chances of Triumph

The upcoming match doesn’t hold much significance in terms of the tournament standings. Pakistan needs a monumental victory to secure a spot in the World Cup semifinals, while England is aiming for a seventh-place finish to secure a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy.

Both teams are coming off recent victories, with Pakistan rejuvenated by a sensational century from Fakhar Zaman, and England breaking a losing streak with a dominant win over the Netherlands.

The Unlikely Outcome

Despite the unpredictability of cricket, the chances of Pakistan progressing to the next round are slim. The match serves as a final opportunity for both teams to leave a lasting impression in the tournament.


While the outcome of the match may not significantly impact the overall standings, it represents a chance for redemption for both teams. The players will be looking to end this World Cup on a positive note and provide their fans with something to cheer about.

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